Austin Reaves transferring....

Weird one like Darious Hall because he played a lot of minutes and probably would have started the next 2 years. A career 45% 3-pt shooter and solid passer/with the dribble. Earlier this year he hit seven 3s in one game.

No room in the Inn, but I wish there was a way we could take him (if he was interested). … ves-1.html

Might be homesick.

It happens.

Told he’s open to all. Heard there’s five or six schools that have reached out to him. As of now, Arkansas isn’t one of them.

Sounds like he had more of the Steve Martin reaction to Wichita than the John Candy reaction. Or he could be looking for more freedom on the court. Seems like a good kid. Hope he finds a good fit at a school that is not on our schedule.


Is he a high Division 1 player? I am not sure.

As of now, no. I should say 7-8 schools.

8 pts, 3 rbs, 2 assists and a knock down shooter for a Top 25 team - yeah I’m sure.

I have confirmed that he sent a release to Arkansas.

There is some interest on both sides.

I have a call and text into him

I guess the only way this works out, would be if it were quickly determined that Khalil Garland will go on medical hardship. i doubt that happens.

I’m afraid this staff blew it with Reaves back in '16.

Lynnsanity, again you are wrong. I know the family well. He needed some academic improvement to take a chance on at the time at Arkansas.


I read the same

Thats fine, could be. Even I will miss on something every once in awhile :lol:

Not could be, but absolutely wrong.

As a previous poster noted, he did not have his academics in order or I have no doubt he would have been here in the first place.

In fact, I spent an hour in Newark with him in early January and that’s exactly what he told me.

He seems like a great kid, was aware that my mother and brother had just died three weeks earlier in a car crash and was very sympathetic.

Gregg Marshall came to see him about a week after that, offered Austin and took an official the following week and he committed on Jan. 20.

Marshall’s gamble paid off as he eventually got his qualifying score.

This is what I talked about the other day - blaming Anderson and his staff even when there is no blame to place.

Show us on the doll where CMA touched you, little feller. :smiley:

If that we’re the case the two parties wouldn’t be communicating with one another. Regardless, if everything had gone as planned for the hogs wouldn’t have room for him. But, just like his situation, things happen and feelings change.

There are 13 scholarships for the team. You can’t sign everyone! And you sure don’t gamble on a player who isn’t qualified. That would be poor planning on a coaches part. Why don’t people just look at this point. The kid was not qualified to play. Now he is!
People just enjoy complaining.