Austin Reaves’s Persistence Pays Off With Unexpected Lakers Role

Will we ever get the full story why the previous HC never offered when it was clear to so many of us that he could play?

I don’t blame CMA for not giving him a scholarship. Hell neither did anyone else until Wichita State decided to gamble on him but I will root for him none the less. About midway down the article there is a photo of Austin giving five to Lebron…Austin’s hands look like a child’s against Lebron’s. That man is huge.

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Probably start with Austin if you’re that interested.

You got a number for him? Anyway for me to reach out? Press credentials?

Perhaps my best avenue is to ask those who cover the Razorback basketball beat, including recruiting, and has spent decades doing it.

So consider this my ask @RichardDavenport @DudleyDawson

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Nothing to match his ego.

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I’m sure someone on this board does and if they think he wants to talk about it you may get an answer, but like most, I’m sure he looks forward as much as possible.

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I asked that question about Austin Reeves and the failure to recruit him. From what I was told there was issues regarding academic eligibility. It was resolved, but I guess the lack of interest early on from the Razorback staff is why he committed to Wichita State

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I drink coffee every day with Austin’s grandfather. CMA slow played him to the point the family lost interest in Arkansas. Yes, he had some work to do to become eligible but very doable. Mike wanted to wait til spring. Big mistake. Austin is now a millionaire. Great success story!


Thanks @jerryj

One more thing. They’re a great family. They deserve all the success that’s coming their way!


WOW! Reaves just hit a three to beat Dallas in OT!!! Absolute hero tonight SC TOP Ten type shot.

Kid is making a name for himself on a team of HoF’s.


Great story. Wish he could’ve been a Hog.

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He should’ve been a Hog

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