Austin Reaves - Newark - With Double Double Vs Missou

Oklahoma slammed Missouri yesterday behind a double double (19 points, 10 rbs) from Austin Reaves…formerly of Arkansas high school lineage.

Nice game summary headline on ESPN for him.

Should have been a hog!! Heck of a player who wasn’t wanted at the time. I bet Muss would have recruited him. I love watching him play.

Darious Hall had a nice game with 9 pts and 8 rbs for undefeated DePaul. A lot of talent in the state the past few years.

I watched a lot of that Oklahoma game - Reaves is a stud. Still skinny as a rail.

Cam Johnson from my alma mater (Little Rock Central High) had 16 pts, 4 rbs and 2 stls to help his team defeat Puke on the road.

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Reaves: Pretty good for a kid coming out of one of the smaller school classifications.

I was disappointed when Anderson kind of half heartedly recruited this kid as an afterthought. My understanding at the time it had to do with a academic requirements. The kid had another double double a few days ago.

That is a conflicting statement.

Anderson probably did not recruit him with gusto because as you said that Austin was not meeting Arkansas enrollment requirements. Why are you disappointed then?

I too wish he was a Hog, but some kids just don’t pay attention to academics until it is too late.

This is not like Nolan missing out on Keith Carter and Anderson misprojecting Hill to be better than McBride.

I drink coffee every morning with Austin’s step grand dad. The truth is Mike only offered him a walk on with a chance to get a scholarship after a year. He did have some work to do academically but took care of that in the summer. Wichita State took a chance and the rest is history. It’s really not much different than the Hannah’s deal except the academics. Dusty was asked to wait also out of high school.

I didn’t know Anderson offered Austin anything. So, your post gives me more information on that. I can’t remember what our available scholarship status was at that time and who Mike was offering for available schollies. We do know that Mike did not want to over sign and kick someone off the team to make room. I personally don’t have any problem with Mike’s approach. If I was a parent of three star basketball recruit, I kind of like that. Of course if I was a parent of a better player, I wouldn’t care.

And yes, Wichita State took a chance on Austin completing his academic requirements and it paid off a little bit.

As far as Dusty, I did know his recruitment well being close to his school, Mike had asked Dusty to wait till Spring to sign because he was anticipating an available scholarship then, Dusty did not have any P5 offers and probably would have waited until Texas Tech offered and that was too good to pass up.

I;m surprised DD hasn’t responded, yet, to this as Newark is sort of his neck of the woods, but we were actively going after jucos at the time…my view is Mike knew the team had to perform and improve quickly. If the academics were better, maybe things would have evolved differently…just as it would have if Portis stayed for a third season.

Kevin Cross 6-7 240 from LR Mills is averaging 11pts and 5 rbs at Nebraska as a true frosh. Shooting over 50% and 37% from 3. I tried to tell everyone.

Beginning with The Gafford class, wish we had six scholarship to give each year.,That class is beginning of a great run of Arkansas hoops talent and looks like it will continue at least thru 2022,

Several years of poor talent evaluations in my opinion. I put that on the assistants more than Mike. They’re paid to find talent for the head coach. We missed a few. Too bad!

In my opinion, buck always stops with the head coach in basketball. This is not football where head coaches can hide behind the assistants. If there is blame to be given, it needs to be directed at Mike.

But you are making too general of a statement. Can you list the misevaluations and who did Mike sign instead of the talent you think he missed? I bet there is a very good reason behind every one of them.

PJ, I disagree slightly because I know how Nolan and Mike depended on their assistants to locate talent. Hannah’s was slow played, Reaves was missed terribly and Cross is another miss. These are without any real checking just off top of my head. Nolan told me one time if he was going to sign an Arkansas kid he better b ready to play or the flak he caught wouldn’t b worth it. Maybe Mike felt the same.

In case of Dusty, in that class, which was Mike’s first at Arkansas, he preferred Bell and Qualls over Dusty. In hindsight, certainly Dusty was better than Bell. But I am too biased about Dusty, so I almost need to recuse myself in his case.

I am not sure if we can mark Austin down as misevaluation since they backed off him due to academics.

In case of Cross, they had no scholarship to give and already had to find one for Hill, who was committed. And it is a fact now that Mike did not give offers when he had no scholarships. So, I don’t know how to judge the Cross recruiting.