Austin is day-to-day

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BS if he doesn’t suit up for bama I don’t want to see him in a hog uni again. hey the captain supposed to go down with the ship. leadership is not a trait we saw a lot from AA this year tho

so… training staff took out AA

i wonder if i get a “take back” on the praise i heaped upon CBB for pulling him so youngster could get reps and our battered leader could get a break in a game far out of reach

The real question is why was he playing after the injury? He was not 100%. At least one of the coaches, CBB, was there when BA was injured for half a season and yet continued to play. And, who remembers that brutal game when BA stayed in for a half after being bulldozed–supposedly because he told the coaches he was okay to play. This isn’t the Army where you keep fighting because if you don’t, you and your buddies might die. I don’t understand this attitude that you ride a horse that has a broken leg. He obviously didn’t have the arm strength Saturday after his injury. Yet, someone must have thought a hurt AA was better than the alternative. And, CBB said that the coaches didn’t make the decision to pull him. CBB said that the trainers ruled him unable to play. That doesn’t make sense.

BA took a beaten and keep getting up like an iron man! It was hard to watch. AA does not play with the same fire as big brother.

As Vin Sculley once remarked, “Then again, aren’t we all?”

Austin doesn’t have the same fire as his brother? Really?

I think when Brandon was taking a beating, some here questioned his fire, his heart and wanted him pulled. When you are dragging yourself up after getting smashed or throwing pick six passes, you look without fire. Brandon had some of the same issues his first 2.5 years as a starter. He was playing behind a young offensive line with Skipper and Kirkland playing as true freshmen. It wasn’t pretty. I see the same thing, not enough blocking and a QB getting knocked around.

I took a few days off from this site hoping the haters would tire… WOW… for you guys that are now attacking the players… questioning if they TRY hard enough… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I think everyone should have some perspective. …

Our favorite college football team has disappointed us thus far… I don’t like that either, but I think I can refrain from disparaging the 18-22 year olds that are representing our favorite school.

It is bad enough when unhappy fans suddenly think they are experts… but dumping on the players crosses a line I hope we can agree upon. Go hogs!

What do you expect? There are people asking for a forfeit or thunderstorms against Bama. These same people will beg for football come mid June. Mind blowing really.

If I were AA’s dad I would strongly encourage him to hang it up if he is not fully 100%. The kid is taking a brutal beating week after week and I wouldn’t want him getting hurt really bad. You can see it in his eyes how frustrated he is. He has lost his confidence in himself and team IMO. I don’t think bringing in Cole Kelly rest of season is gonna affect outcome one way or another.

I don’t understand why the mods take down a post I put up during the TCU game in which I stated I didn’t like AA’s demeanor during the game yet they let stand some of the remarks in this thread.

I agree. We can debate whether someone is playing well enough, but should never question motivation. You should post more often, Eli82.


I agree. We can debate whether someone is playing well enough, but should never question motivation. You should post more often, Eli82.
[/quote]Criticize the coach or the administration. Justified or not; they are getting paid big bucks so they can take it. However, don’t criticize the players; especially their motivation or effort. And, if some players are not as talented as you wish, it is not their fault. Not everyone can be superstars.