Austin does not look 100 percent

Ready to play.

Hope that injury isn’t more than advertised

Agreed. He is off today.

Yes his accuracy is not what we have seen

This O has to stay on the field more to many 3 & outs

Going to need his passing in order to win this game. Have to have some sort of threat to pass. Running game has done well so far.

Looks like he’s got it fixed… :smiley:

He settled down on that drive and looked like his usual self. WOO PIG

I am betting he did not get a lot of reps at practice the last two weeks. Hopefully just rusty and hopefully our line can protect him.

3 of 11

then went 12-of-12

And now is 0-of-3

I think that’s a lot of it. In fact, I was talking to a buddy a couple of days ago who mentioned that as a common downside to playing after an open date

Bret said after the game that he wasn’t 100 percent.

Austin got very few reps during the open date due to the knee sprain, so the rust was a little thicker. He was fine once he settled down.