Austin Capps

I have not heard much about him this season. Is he playing much?

He gets quite a bit of playing time.

He’s strong, but doesn’t have great burst off the line.

We are pretty weak at NT, Bijhon gives flashes, but plays like he gets winded easily, probably out of shape.

Capps is probably playing about as much as Jackson. At times he’s been able to clog things up in his area, but he has not made a lot of tackles, which really is not surprising for a college NG. He spends his day fighting double teams on runs and trying to occupy or confuse the OL on passing downs, so guys like Sosa and the OLBs can get to the QB.

While he may eventually develop some pass rushing skills(or at least get more opportunities as those around him stress the pass protection more) for now he’s a lunch pail kind of guy. He’s also a true soph, so his best ball should still be ahead of him.

To me all the bugs on the DLine are out of shape for up tempo style. They get drained early in games and never fully recover. If they could get some early stops with 3 and out they would look much different. They need more depth on DLine.

Eagle, are you able to watch the games, or are you having to listen? Big ole #41 is out there alot. Rotates with Bijon. Has played well.

I’d say Austin plays well over half of the game, maybe more. He’s solid, but not flashy. I think he’s best suited for offensive guard, but they don’t have enough DLs to play him there. I think he’d be a stud offensive guard. Does not have lateral speed to be a great defensive linemen. But he’s solid. Does not make mistakes.

Tackles from the nose guard are not always indicative of how a guy has played, but here is what has happened to this point:

Austin Capps - 12 Tackles, 1 1/2 sacks, 1 pass batted down

Bijhon Jackson - 12 tackles, 1 sack, 1 QB hurry

Dylan Hays - 1 tackle, 1 fumble recovery

Haha, move Capps to the offensive line…that would give the mob something else to freak out about.

So rate Agim’s performance so far----23 w 12 solo.

Oh lord they would make this board unbearable…it’s close already

You guys love to moan and groan about “the mob” but Clay’s comments are again VERY telling about the poor performance of this staff.

He tells you Capps would be a “stud OG” but they can’t move him because they dont have enough DL players (poor recruiting, developing, or both?). We are poor on the OL ( poor recruiting, developing, or both?) and desperately need a stud OG but can’t move a player that could be one because he’s being forced to cover for recruiting and/or coaching failures by CBB and his staff.

To summarize we have a guy who is only okay at NG who they won’t move to his natural position due to a lack of quality depth. The position he’d be better at was forced to play a walk on true freshman early in the year due to lack of quality players. Again, this is a program in it’s 5th year led by a man that promised to build excellent OL’s and DL’s.


How many DL, especially NGs could you say “he would make a great OG?” Lots, at both the college and pro level. Most NGs would probably make pretty good OGs if they are tall enough.

That fact does not mean the player is a bad or even average NG. It just means his body type and skill set would work at OG, too. Capps is not a bust as a NG as a true soph. While he’s not a star right now, he is a steady contributor.

There are plenty of questionable coaching decisions involving the OL, but Capps playing NG is not one of them.

I’m not saying he’s a bust - rather saying we really need better OL players and this guy has all the tools to be one, but he’s having to play NG because we are lacking quality DL players.

Now are you really reaching, by saying the only reason he is playing DL is because the other DL are lousy.

He has been a DL since day one, and was recruited to play DL(though he did both in high school, like a lot of small school guys). There is zero reason to believe that was a mistake by the coaching staff. The mistakes were in some of the guys they brought in to play OL, not for moving a DL recruit over there just because he might make a good OL.

DLs get moved to the offensive line when they can’t play DL at the college level. If, as you admit, Capps is not a bust, you don’t move him from the position that is the hardest to recruit, to OG.

Reaching? Have you watched our DL as compared to the other teams in tbe SEC West which should be the measuring stick? They get mandandled every week in SEC play with their best showing being last week. Arkansas has the 6th or 7th best DL in the West. This is because they have not recruited well.

Austin was recruited to play DL, but he should be an OL if they had recruited the type of DL players it takes to win in this league.

Jackson Reid, every defensive linemen in the SEC would make a stud OL. All of them. You fill your defensive line first. I think you probably are reaching. You do that a lot, in hammering away at Bielema. This is one of those instances.

Rarely do coaches take a great or even good DL prospect and move them to offense. One of the few times I saw that – and it surprised me – was putting Shawn Andrews at OT. I would have played him at DT. No one would have blocked him.

Shawn’s high school coach, Marion Glover, told me almost every team that was recruiting Shawn thought he would be a DT. I would have played him there. He was athletic and would have made plays. Maybe they could afford not to play him there.

I know Jason Peters was thought to be a better prospect at DE than he was at TE. Well, both of those thoughts were wrong. He made millions at left tackle.

But rarely do you have the luxury of taking a potential great DL and play them in the OL.

Barry Switzer said the offensive coaches begged to take at least one of the Selmon brothers and play them in the offensive line. They said not all three were needed to have a great defense, but Switzer didn’t move them.

Arkansas needs more linemen on both sides of the ball. But Austin Capps is in the right spot for this team. He’s going to continue to get better. He’ll be a starter his last two seasons.

We’ll have to disagree - as for me reaching I’m just pointing out the facts about Bielema’s performance which is terrible. I can repeat all the facts about his W/L record but I won’t because you know them as well as I do. That said, I’d love to see you list the positives about Bret at Arkansas a part from good GPA’s and few arrests.

My guess is your list would be a lot shorter than mine! As for Capps NG May well be his best position but if so it’s because they don’t have enough DL that can play in this league. You said yourself he does not have ideal quickness for this league.

So at first you are admit he’s not a bust, but then you say he’s not good enough to play DL in the SEC so he should be forced over to the OL. Which is it?

They did move a DL over to offense when it turned out he was a bust at DL, Froholdt. Now there was a guy they had to play because of lack of depth at DL. If you watched Froholdt as a freshman DL, he was just a strong guy coming straight up field as hard as he could every play, no pass rush moves, no lateral quickness, no instinct for the position. He really could not play DL in the SEC. Go back and watch Capps as a freshman DL, no comparison.


Capps and a Froholdt are very similar on the DL. Not overly quick, very strong, and lack lateral movement.

Capps is a bull rusher who uses is strength, that’s about It.

He was recruited as a DL just as Froholdt was, but likely will be a better OL just as Froholdt was.

We just moved 2 OL to DL this year to add depth, there is no argument that their evaluation and recruiting of the DL has been very, very poor.

We have 1 SEC caliber DL, and he hasn’t been playing spectacular, mostly due to the inadequacy around him.

This staff seems to over emphasize certain areas in recruiting and then completely fail on others, Safety, DL, LBer are a real problem and have been for 2 years.

They emphasized Corner really heavily and it’s doing just fine.

Have to recruit better, end of the story.

I’m not saying he’s a complete bust but he would not play a lot on most SEC defensive fronts.