Austin Capps redshirt?

Is Austin eligible for redshirting this year, or has he played in too many games already?
If he is eligible, I wonder if there is any mutual interest in doing so.

Austin played in the first four, but not last week against A&M. He could redshirt.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It would be in his long-term best interests to redshirt and get another year of playing in the SEC as an OL before he tries for the NFL-if that’s his long-term goal.

But our OL numbers are so low right now the staff will probably have to play him some more in the second half of the season. That would really be a shame, since so far the staff has not found a spot on a poor OL where he could start.

Hopefully he continues to develop as an OL. If he plays the rest of the year, I hope he gets enough snaps to make the expense of a year of eligibility worthwhile. If he remains a back up who only occasionally gets on the field, the position change looks like a desperation move that did not provide much benefit to the team or the player in 2018.