Austin Allen who does he remind you of?

I’m hoping this is the year he vreaks out

Amazing player

Arkansas has maybe the best QB in the league

He deserves better press

Of past Arkansas QB’s who does he remind you of?

He is very Clint’esk to me

I’m going to say Tyler Wilson.

Less physically gifted and probably athletically, but the toughness is where I see it. You can’t question either of these guys ability to take a hit. That also has a bad side, both show to get rattled after taking some of those big hits repeatedly, but who can blame them.
AA is very good, different than his brother though. I expect he will surpass big brother this year.

Clint Stoerner

Tough, leader, gets on his teammates when need be, praises them when warranted and they would go to battle with him anytime.

Good assessment DD, WPS

Reminds me of Brandon Allen

Face looks like Joe Montana

It’s beyond ridiculous that our blocking has been so bad that our QBs since Tyler have been beat to a pulp

Austin continues the trend of tough QBs

A coach at another school said when he saw Austin there was an uncanny resemblance to his brother Brandon. I guess that makes sense. I think there is some Clint Stoerner in him, too.

BOND, James Bond!

Austin reminds me a little of, going old school here, of John Elway–not in ability, but in toughness. I’ll never forget the touchdown run (flip) Elway had in the Super Bowl. Elway would stand in the pocket as long as he could before flushing. Austin isn’t anywhere close arm-wise and his holding the ball in the pocket can be detrimental, but nobody can question his toughness.

Brandon was James Bond

Austin is Dr Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark-ansaw

Pun intended

AA is Dr Jones

Dr Jones SR or JR?

I definitely see a little bit of Joe Ferguson’s laser like precision in the short passes and some Bill Montgomery poise when he knows he’s about to be splattered. He does also have some of that Stoerner grit and fire.

Ha ha - Jr of course