Austin Allen out for today

Per KNWA twitter

Better for Austin in the long run.

Hope they don’t kill backups. I see no reason why they will be protected any better since they have yet to block anybody and now they are playing a real team.

Not going to be pretty. Must play a perfect game in order to upset. I know Kool Aid. Lol

I rather be a glass half full guy any day. Nothing wrong with thinking that way. Just because you’re a half full guy doesn’t mean you’ve lost your sense of reality.

They need to start the 3rd stringer today (what’shisname?) and save Kelly (and AA) for next week and later OM.

Always being negative leads to a sad life. Everyone is aware that it’s an uphill climb, but that’s why the game is played.

Who was being negative?

No one. I was just commenting on what brorodger said.

Being realistic isn’t being negative or positive. I was commenting on the glass half full comment of Richard’s and agreeing with him.

This is a lost season. Might as well get Kelley ready for the future.

Now as I remember, when your glass is half full, you ask for another. :sunglasses:

Always calling someone out must be a very sad life. I feel sorry for you.

Pessimist: Half empty

Optimist: half full

ME: Room for more Vodka!

I wasn’t calling anybody out. if you look at all the posts, I explained that. I said I was replying to and agreeing with Richard’s glass half-full comment, and simply said that those who always see it half-empty is a negative outlook that leads to a sad life. Never called anyone out!

:smiley: I probably should have put the smiley face with mine. I wasn’t accusing anyone of being negative, I was referring to my Kool Aid comment.

It’s all good. :smiley: :smiley:

I agree, if Kelley gets the Bama treatment by Saban today he will be gun shy for the next two years, just like what happened with both Brandon and Austin.