Austin Allen is one tough dude!

A fantastic effort by him tonight (28/42, 371 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 ints.). It’s just a shame that effort is going to be buried under the 2nd half implosion of the defense and the coaches’ goal line play calling. If the team had punched it in for a TD after that 10 minute 96 yard drive, we would have probably had a very different ending.

We have a very good QB if we don’t get him killed.

Austin has been one of the best players on field in every game this season. We have a QB.

Yes he is and some. Just like his brother.
With all that was falling apart around him and the hits he took, most QB’s would start making mistakes trying to do the impossible or just trying to stay alive, but Austin kept his head and performed.
AA earned a lot of respect tonight, that Oline better shape up soon though.

I wish Coach had put in Ty there at the end and saved Austin some of the punishment. Austin maybe tough but, he is only human!

I was afraid we were going to get him hurt badly at the end of the game.

I was cringing every time he dropped back someone was going to light him up, I bet Bobby Allen was too.

He was a trooper, have to admire how he hung in there.

AtM LB Claude George agrees… … on-twitter

former sports information director of Bama mentioned to me this morning that Austin was tough as an oak tree, that maybe his nickname should be “Ole Hickory”.