Austin Allen has received additional treatment this week

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Not really a surprise. The STEM massage sounds pretty nice.

I think what he’s talking about is E-Stim, which stands for electrical muscle stimulation. It can feel nice. It can also drive you bonkers; it makes your muscles twitch.

It’s also very relaxing afterwards.

That makes sense. I’d thought that was the little device with the patches. He also mentioned G5 massage. Made me wonder if he’s been hooked up to one of these:

Yep, it’s with the patches.

G5 wouldn’t surprise me either.

Looks borderline erotic

Benefit of that for AA is he can clip that little unit to his waistband, have the wires and patches under his shirt and get the treatment to his bruised chest in class or anywhere else he is (except the shower, I suppose).

Jeff–you can have those set at a kinda mild level or at a “grab” level and I wonder if there’s a level that would be set too low to do any good? Can you see AA in class when the grab level hits him? He’d jump out of his chair!

How old is to old to use one of those?
Hmmm, settin in the lazy boy watchin a Hog game with the G-5 hooked up, nah not the appropriate time then, but after the game maybe.