Austin Allen has not thrown an accurate deep ball this year..................

…Jordon Jones has two strides on the defender, wide open for a TD, and the ball is five yards under thrown. Austin aggravated an already existing injury, it was not a new injury on a healthy shoulder. He has not thrown well all season! JMVVVVVVHO

Then Eitling for LSU has almost the same situation and he does not under throw his receiver. LSU TD. :roll:

He hit a few early to Nance but yes he has been awful. Huge for this team for their 5th yr all Sec qb to be so bad injury or not.

While the body of your post is right, the headline is not.

No big surprise


You are going to have to find a new guy to blame everything on next year.

I’m sure they’ll be several candidates

Please give me the long pass that hit the receiver in stride. Not a short pass that the receiver ran a long way. I really can’t remember any but am open to having it 'splained to me how I’m wrong.

Nance. Twice. A&M. Way down field. Not hard to remember.

to put accurate in your post headline.

Not thrown many would work.

We were gonna have a tough time today regardless, but…

A. Hard to win when you don’t have a healthy QB. AA’s shoulder clearly isn’t right and CK’s toe is bothering him.

B. The LSU DBs were mugging our receivers frequently with no calls.

C. LSU and ALA have a blank check on that type of coverage
Ark, dodge the flags if u touch them

No doubt. Goes on and on and on

SEC can’t have the higher ranked teams that have a chance to go to more significant money producing bowls to be beat by teams that may or may not go to the Participation Trophy Bowl… way too much money at stake.

Check that… His whole career!!!

Yes, and that PI call on Kurl was awful. No way he interfered with that LSU receiver.

The receivers didn’t always help out the QB’s either.

good 1st post from a troll.

now step away from the keyboard and back to ur cage