Austin Allen and really bad football

I was flipping through the channels yesterday and ran across a game with the new AAF (Alliance of American Football) league. Already having withdrawals from football, I decided to watch when to my surprise the QB for Salt Lake was Austin Allen. He is the backup QB but the starter was out. It was UGLY! Just really bad football. And Austin didn’t help himself either. He missed multiple wide open receivers. No TD’s and only 114 yards passing.

This is supposed to be a “farm league” to show the scouts they made a mistake not keeping players on an NFL team. What I saw only confirmed including Austin they made the right decision. It’s the pre-season of a new league. So you have to give it some time. But, if this was a sample of the product, I don’t expect it to last too long. I surely won’t watch again unless I need a good nap laying on the couch

I like the league personally. But I do think if it is going to last the quarterback and oline play needs to get better across the league.

I think those AAF teams have only been together for about five weeks, and none of the players or coaches have any previous experience working together. It is bound to be ugly at times.

There was no rhythm or flow to the games I’ve watched. It looked to me like it might be a brand new league with players and coaches who have been out of work. Oh, yeah, that’s what it is.

Football we are familiar with…

I have enjoyed watching it. I take it for what it is.

I also enjoy several aspects of it, including being able to hit the quarterback and have violent collisions.

The Violent collisions may be setting them up for lawsuits down the road, well until they go bankrupt at least.

I am still a big fan of violent collisions - and certainly of at least tackling.

Text book tackling is almost a forgotten art. Even the hardest hits don’t cause injury when proper form & technique is utilized.

I agree. In my day you were taught to hit the belly button with your shoulder pads and never leave your feet unless you were close enough to touch the runner with your normal reach distance. If you leave your feet too soon, arm tackles seldom work.

But even in the NFL I see tacklers watching runners go past them with a hip fake.

But it is not the same game it was 60 years ago.

Tackling head on - run head on then break down in stance to slightly squatted stance feet slightly spread to same as shoulder width for leverage, bury your face mask in the chest or slightly lower of runner, wrap up.
Tackling at angle or from the side - take the proper angle with your head in front of runner & lead with inside shoulder at point of contact to abdomen area or lower, wrap up.
Tackling from behind - hope you are fast enough to catch runner leave your feet if necessary, wrap up or trip up.