Au'Diese Toney misses his biggest supporter

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Great article Richard.

From that article, DC Toney sounds like the prototype player Muss recruits from the transfer ranks. That is, a talented, coachable, high character, driven to succeed, team oriented basketball player. He may miss occasionally, but it seems to me that is a base from which he recruits.

I believe Muss will be more successful than other coaches in this, somewhat new, transfer portal era, because he doesn’t just look for talent only. Based on some of the quotes I’ve read and heard from him recently about the transfer players and new HS recruits, he seems to understand how important all those traits are to molding a cohesive “winning team”. When dealing with so many new players every season, you must have those character traits, in addition to talent, to have the necessary team chemistry that goes into winning at a high level.

Love our coach. He seems to see every detail necessary in order to produce a consistently high level of winning in college basketball.

Now, back to the story that created this thread. Welcome DC Toney! Can’t wait to see you “doing your thing” for the Razorbacks in this 2021-22 highly successful basketball season!

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Au’Diese, just remember that ‘Granny Baby’ is looking down and watching over you, very happy.

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