Auburn's collapse

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse ninth-inning collapse than the one Auburn had yesterday against Boston College.

BC was down 9-1 with two outs in the ninth inning and came back to send the game to extra innings, then won 11-9 in 10.

Auburn doesn’t have enough money to outbid Bama in every sport… obviously, Auburn baseball got shortchanged.

Auburn has a much better baseball program than Alabama — so much so that Alabama hired an Auburn assistant as its head coach a few years ago.

But Auburn spends a lot more money on football and basketball players than their baseball team…

I recall we had something similar happen to us a few years ago versus LSU.

Not quite as bad, but almost. We were ahead 9-1, but it was early in the game and it took a long time for us to ultimately blow that game.

That was the beginning of the dreaded “Rally Possum” thing…

Dave beat me to it. Rally Possum collapse began much earlier in the game.

I can’t recall Arkansas losing any lead that big in the ninth inning. The only Arkansas game I can think of with that big of a ninth-inning rally happened in 1998 vs. South Carolina, when the Razorbacks scored 11 in the ninth.

I don’t recall anything like that Auburn collapse. Wow

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Looking back at the video, BC was down to its last strike. Auburn fans were probably doing that slow clap cheer when you know the game is over.

Arkansas came back from down 11 to beat South Carolina in a sleet storm in a game about 25 years ago. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was at the game, but gave up and left in the seventh inning down 10. I have always regretted leaving, but my son was with me and he was about 6 at the time. We were out of hot chocolate and were freezing. That’s my excuse…

It’s the game Matt mentioned above. In 1998.

Does Kenny Powers pitch for Auburn? lol Who was that 35 year old man they brought out at the end of the 9th?!?


If I never hear that, “possum rally” again, it will be too soon!!!

I have been trying a long time to forget about the rally possum! Thanks for bringing it up. I’m just proud Auburn is the talk of the meltdown now!

Sorry! My bad. Oh well, “the fat lady” and all that.

Considering that Auburn trails only the Rebnecks in (baseball) obnoxiousness, it couldn’t happen to a better bunch. Remember that it was the Auburn team who started whooping on various pitches, etc. at a game in Fayetteville. Now the Hog fans do it. UGH.

BTW, Bubba and Phil had a great comment the other day. They were talking about Texas Tech. The comment was made that TT was the Ole Miss of the xii-ii in the way their team behaves.

I heard that Sunday. I am sure it was there before that, but heard it clearly Sunday. Come on Hog fans, we are better than that!

If I remember correctly, the “whoo” chants from the crowd started when Auburn couldn’t throw a strike during the ninth inning of a game. I think they walked a runner or two, and Kjerstad walked them off with a single.

Seems like I remember being at a game sometime between 2005-2010 where the Hogs scored a bunch of runs in the 9th to win, maybe against Kentucky? I remember the other team’s pitchers stopped throwing strikes, and the comeback was on. I want to say we scored 7 or 8 runs in the 9th.

But for Auburn to give up that many runs with 2 outs. Man, that’s beyond awful.

Strange how baseball can completely turn on a dime. I remember a Friday night game we had at Baum several years ago against LSU. The Hogs started off hot, but it seems like we dropped a fly ball in right field, and then couldn’t get hardly any hits or score runs the rest of the weekend after that.

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I remember a Tennessee game on a Sunday where we scored a bunch in the last inning. Seems like it wasn’t the 9th, as travel cut the game short.