Auburn's 2 "pay for play" players

So, Auburn has 2 players involved in pay for play on their roster. One is playing now and the other will be eligible to play after he finishes a 9 day suspension? And, even worse, the head coach in the middle of all this still has his job! Why in the hell do we even leave the NCAA enforcement arm in place? The NCAA costs millions of dollars a year to maintain and just sits back and allows this basketball cesspool to continue.

It’s a farce. They do not want to enforce their rules—at least not in regard to major programs. They want to maintain the so-called amateurism in the sport and have no incentive to topple the cash cow that is March Madness.

Only the mighty BYU’s and such get stung by the NCAA these days.
I don’t recall BYU making any headlines as far as an NCAA investigation or probe.

BYU had a player that receiver chump change from a booster, travel and vacation cash. I’m do way does it add up to what the Auburn llayers received.
It cost BYU vacating 47 games and a schollie. NCAA enforcement staff is a joke.

Meanwhile Bruce Pearl is getting to go to Maui and continue coaching while his assistant coach Chuck Person has been arrested, lost his job and faces prison time in a few months.

Does anyone believe that Chuck Person wasn’t directed by Bruce Pearl to offer whatever it took to get players.

And why do the players get to play? Why aren’t they headed to the G league? If we cheated we would lose everything.

They have a tape recording of Zion’s people asking Kansas for 150K…but Duke got him for free??? Yea right…But Zion gets to play.