Watching auburn this year I’m still surprised somebody thought it was a great idea to hire Gus as our coach. From what I can see Morris is more adaptive and creative…thankfully, hopefully. And so far no one has recruited to arkansas at this level.

Gus will be on the hot seat soon! I’m glad he stayed at Auburn. I won’t ever forget the poor attitude he showed when he left the hill!

I was never on the Gus bus. It’s enjoyable to see his team melt down.

So glad we have CCM and not Gus.

Gus coaching for a contract & AR being the Ginny Pig last year. Plus more talent on the field then.
Proves Gus can’t do more with less. But he will wind up unemployed & very rich same as CBB.

Beyond vanilla. Terrible football for this day and age and especially for a Gus team. Snoozer football.

Today is being called as the worst loss in the Malzahn area by Auburn faithful.

The Vols had lost 11 straight SEC games before today’s win.

I wasn’t big on Coach Malzahn getting the job, but let’s not practice revisionist history.

When Malzahn to Arkansas was first being mentioned, he was about to play the top two teams in the country and it was thought that Auburn would let him go if he lost one or both.

But Auburn went out and beat No. 2 Georgia 40-17 and No. 1 Alabama 26-14 sandwiched around a win over Louisiana-Monroe.

It was before losses to then No. 6 Georgia (28-7) and No. 10 UCF (34-27).

He leveraged those wins into the big contract.

I was good with him coming here. I just don’t have a clue what he is doing currently.

Along with the huge offer from Arkansas which aubbie matched except for the buyout.

I wanted us to hire him, but my main reasoning was knowing how good this year‘s recruiting class was. We would never lose an in-state recruit with Malzahn at the helm. I don’t say that as a knock against Morris. Other than offense line he is killing it and has gotten better options than the instate guys he missed