This team does look like Mike Anderson’s Missouri teams, for sure.

I emphasize This Year. They have had a good run two years now, Who knows what they will be like next year. Just like the 18-16 year for Arkansas was not the norm during Anderson era, last two years may not be the norm for Auburn. People tend to be caught in the Prisoner of the Moment syndrome.

I recall when Arkansas got blown out by Auburn (and it was at Auburn) just like UNC was, Arkansas players were roasted for not giving an effort and Mike Anderson for being outcoached. If the three point shooters are “on”, there is not much you can do. We ourselves won quite a few games this year like that.

Folks, that game is what got Auburn offense going. They were struggling until then.

Oh yeah, Pearl is interested in coming to Arkansas. Let’s see, he’s got the Auburn fans and administration eating out of his hands, he’s in the elite eight with a legitimate chance to win a championship with a ton of good players now and in the future. Interested in coming here? Where did such a thought come from?

Right, I hear you, but we’re talking about Auburn here. Winning basketball not sustainable long-term there.

A fair point.

Since we’re on cheating again, I’m including their football teams, including Cam et al. May not be exactly 10 years. Forget it, I’m on a roll.

Got it. I should have figured that out myself. Know what you mean!

Whatever you think of Pearl, he cheats at a high level.

How typical! If your team is losing the other teams must be cheating.

The fact is, money leaves a trail that is easy to follow. Therefore, it is almost impossible to cheat unless the NCAA looks the other way and ignores the rules. And, if the rules are not enforced, in effect, they are not rules so violating them is not cheating.

Pearl isn’t coming here. He still might land in the NCAA jail and Aubrun may atill have to vacate wins. Beard isn’t coming here either. To recap, No Pearls, no Beards. Just a short haired, aging Sampson.

2 assistants including Persons at AUB (who was arrested in the FBI probe). You’re correct it left a trail. Maybe instead of stirring the pot, you do some research before posting.

And he himself has been involved twice for recruiting violations. At two different schools

Very skillful at making excuses for not winning …:joy:

Yep, this is Swine’s specialty.

When Pearl gets nailed by the NCAA maybe he will gets his 5 years show cause and all of his fans that kiss his tail can join him at ESPN at the mic! That’s where he’s headed. He’s fake and a liar! Every win he’s had could be vacated along with Willy Wade!
The NCAA needs to enforce the rules equally which they don’t. Purifiy and Wiley should have never played after being paid that’s the rule. Auburn will return to their losing! Pearl hasn’t built anything and while the media pumps him up there was an article yesterday about Pearl being a part of the rot that’s wrong with college basketball on the NCAA basketball site!

Yes, and that’s fine. Just curious what others thought about him.