….wow…barring a complete collapse…is probably going to take out 1 seed N Carolina…

Whatever you personally feel about Bruce Pearl… the man wins at a high level…

Should he be seriously considered for the Arkansas job?

Personally, I hope Yurachek is looking around and not trying to rush this hire, but from what everyone, from national sports writers to Arkansas sports writers to regular message board posters, are saying is that Kelvin Sampson is basically option 1a thru 1z for Arkansas.

Who cares?

Well, there’s a coaching search ongoing…so some of us care.

No he shouldn’t be considered. He’s had shady assistants and he once hosted a bbq at his house. He’s a criminal that’s only concerned with winning. Oh sure he coachws an entertaining style of basketball and his teams win at a high clip. He’s made Auburn, a school with zero tradition, into must see TV, but this is collegiate athletics we are talking about. There’s more to life than winning.

Yeah right. Of course he should be considered. This ain’t Harding. It’s SEC basketball.

The man cheats. He’s at the perfect school, where they don’t care if they have to cheat.

Charles Barkley one happy dude. Grew up in same town as Sir Charles. Happy for him.

How Pearl is not in jail or at the least not allowed to coach D1 is a commentary on worthlessness of NCAA.

He’s not going to be our coach.

You’d sell your mother to win basketball games, so this doesn’t surprise me.

LOL. Even Joe Kleine says that if the NCAA isn’t going to enforce any rules, then go for it. He doesn’t care anymore, and I don’t either.

Either you want to win, or you want to make excuses for not winning. You, especially, and others make great excuses for not winning. Very skillful.

Cheat, coach better, recruit better, develop better. I don’t care. Just start winning.

Auburn has a fairly recent title in football and is in the Elite 8 in basketball. Arkansas? Bubkus.

You look down your nose on Auburn because they pay players a little. Who gives a damn? I’ll tell you what. Their fans have had a hell of a lot more fun the past 10 years or so than ours have. And in the big scheme of things, whatever they pay their players amounts to a hill of beans. Makes no impact at all in this great big world of ours.

Then cheer for Auburn and stop making nonsensical claims.

While I only believe Pearl bends rules, so did Sampson, so does Cal, so does Self, so does Roy Williams…I loved Mike and wish he was still here. But recruiting is hard, I would take Pearl in a second. He wins everywhere, he has an exciting brand and he is a likable personality. Oh and he can Recruit. It won’t happen but he would be a heck of a hire. His tempo is what we wanted here with Mike, they run and gun and were 3rd in nation in steals. That’s what I hoped Fastest 40 was but it takes players and we just didn’t get enough of them

Coach A gets canned for doing the right thing and this dude gets labeled as a great coach smh

This is true we didn’t recruit well enough but how could we in todays environment without being grimy

They really looked good tonight. They were as impressive on offense asTexas Tech was on defense.

Lots of ways to skin a cat.

Jimmy Dykes just tweeted, “I wonder what AD with a job opening is thinking, I should call Bruce Pearl.” Looks like he’s hinting.

And NO I’m not saying we should go and hire Pearl

Pearl would be a fan favorite here. Winning would make folks forget about any cheating. And his tempo is Hawgball.

I 100% think he cheats, I think he maybe even more dirty than Cal (and that’s saying something), but you’re correct, he can coach. His players are exactly what I expect to be on the Hill. He would win here, and most would love it.

Again, I’m not advocating for Pearl, I understand what getting him means.

Not debating, but Just fact checking you. You mean Auburn fans have had fun last 2 years, not last 10 years, right?

His 5 year record at Auburn 15-20, 11-20, 18-14, 26-8 and 26-9 so far. Auburn has beaten Arkansas just twice during that period.