Auburn will lose to OU today

Now that pearl got his contract he can start to suck. That coupled with the pressure of the first #1 ranking and coupled with two (I think) #1 teams losing this year the first week they were ranked, is a recipe for the upset. And I hope it happens. Go Sooners! You suck Pearl!

They did not, but it was a nice thought.

I don’t want Auburn to lose until we beat them :slight_smile:


Well, looks like they wanted Pearl around for a long time!

Uhh nooo

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Did you watch it?

Watched bits and pieces of it but I never thought Oklahoma was going to go into Auburn and beat them… not this Auburn team anyway

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Purely from a “this team is fun to watch” standpoint, Auburn might top the list for me this season. They’ve got pieces all over.

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Do you think Tennessee is going to go in to Texas and win?

Hard one to call bc both teams are so inconsistent,can go either way

Yea it’s tough to predict a game but easy to be pretty sure after the fact. I’m surprised how sure you were on auburn but how unsure you are on this game.

Auburn’s the # 1 team in the country a whole lot better than either one of these teams and they were playing at home that’s why I was sure they were going to beat Oklahoma. these two teams have basically the same record so obviously you think it’s going to be a close game.hard for me to believe you can’t see the difference between these 2 games

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They are fun to watch… if you can stand Pearl’s stench.


Maybe he’ll go huntin,’ Billy. All he ever does is try to stir up s$%t, and it’s tired and predictable.


I usually watch with the smell off.


Good call.


What’s that smell?

Man I posted before I had read this comment. Actually better than my post, LOL

Well enjoy the stench for next 8 years.

Why would Pearl sign a “Lifetime Contract” that is only 8 years? Does he have a death wish? :joy: :rofl:

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