Auburn walloped by LSU

This is the seventh straight loss for Auburn, which has cost itself a home regional.

LSU has put itself in good position to host and play for a division championship vs. Mississippi State next week. MSU is playing Georgia this weekend.

Arkansas needs a series win - and maybe a sweep - over Vanderbilt to keep pace. It looks to me like the SEC will need to get five host spots for Arkansas to be able to obtain one, and that’s probably only if the Razorbacks win these last two series.

Another team to watch in the hosting discussion is Missouri State. The Bears have won 13 of their last 14 games, and have an RPI of 14.

If Arkansas doesn’t get a regional and Missouri State does, I could see the Hogs being sent up to Springfield.

Georgia is up 3-0 on MissStake in the seventh at Athens. MSU baserunning has been a comedy of errors, including a guy who thought he had a two-run homer and was called out for passing the baserunner as the left fielder brought the homer back into the park (didn’t catch it; it should have been a double or something). A pickoff in the sixth.Then a guy who was trying to beat out a bunt single in the seventh was called out for running out of the baseline.

If UGa hangs on and we win tonight, we’re a game back of LSU, which has already swept Auburn, and a half game back of MooU. And LSU goes to
Stankvomit next weekend. The West race ain’t over, but we have to keep winning, and neither Vandy nor A&M will be easy.

If we run the table, that’s 20-9. Then we would win the West as long as someone doesn’t sweep at Starkville.

The pitcher Vandy threw on Friday was very good. The guy who threw last night was beyond awesome. I don’t know how in the world that guy has lost 5 games. I just hope our pitching holds out today. A couple of our guys need to get their heads screwed on straight and pitch lights out.

Someone said that the Springfield Cardinals are at home the weekend of the regionals. I haven’t looked it up, but that would be a killer for SMS.

Good point. I didn’t even think of that conflicting again. If Missouri State loses two NCAA regionals in three years, the Hammons family might be getting a call for a new on-campus ballpark.

and can’t host, then the likely scenario might be to have the Bears the No. 1 seed in a Fayetteville regional. That would be a tough pill to swallow again, after that Super Regional here a couple of years ago. But it’s something that definitely could happen. I don’t know if Missouri gets in the NCAA Tournament, but if that happened, the Bears could also be a No. 1 seed at Columbia. Tough either way.

Oklahoma also has made a late-season push to get a regional, so there is another nearby location to watch. The Sooners just won a series over TCU and their RPI jumped five spots to No. 17 as a result.

If Missouri State can’t host - and I don’t see any way it can - then at least one team hanging out in that 17-20 RPI is going to get a host site.