Auburn vs LSU

Watching a thrilling game in overtime. But don’t know who to root for. The coach who pays players or the coach who pays players. I’m at a loss.

Maybe they will get into a slugfest like K-State, Kansas. Self implode.

The cheater’s ball is not a game to root for anyone. Mutual destruction is always the preferred outcome.

Wonder why this Devan Cambridge kid played only 5 minutes against us. He is Auburn’s best three point shooter and lit up South Carolina and now LSU.

This was a thriller.

I thought Auburn deserved to win by the way they came back, just like against Hogs, from a double digit deficit in the last six minutes of the game. But, LSU was robbed on this one. There was an obvious foul missed on a 3-point shot by Mays late, then the final tip in to give Auburn the win in OT sure looked like offensive goal tending as an Auburn player tipped it with the ball inside the cylinder. They didn’t call the latter, but reviewed the play to determine that there was still .1 sec to play. I wondered whether they could call the goal tend if they saw it on replay but had not called it. Regardless, it was a good game to watch.

The TV replays showed that Austin Wiley did not touch the ball while it was on the rim. Our guy Dickey talked about that

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