Auburn vs Ga

A charge? That was an assault.

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Yes it is a must win for us tonight with the schedule being as difficult as it will be next week we cannot afford to lose tonight for sure

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I hear ya, I only got to watch last 6 mins. Bruce said there fatigue right now so hopefully that’ll come into play against us.

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WVU is beating #14 Texas tech by 2 right now. Would be a good win for them and look good for us.

Lol you saw it to!!!

Yeah this time of year everybody gets a little bit worn down. This will be a very tough game for us tonight too more than likely

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Another game lost by Georgia as a result of poor free throw shooting. Our Hogs would have beat Vandy for sure with good free throw shooting and maybe A$M. Notae not being available to play at Miss St was the key to that loss.
I hope our hogs focus on making their free throws and play defense without fouling.
The hogs can beat Auburn

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That was a charge of ever there was one. You get the calls when you are #1. Maybe the refs had dinner reservations. :coffee::sunglasses:

I hope the hogs can just take care of the ball. That’s the first order of business.

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My biggest problem with the last no-call is that it had to be SOMETHING. Block or charge, that much contact warrants a call.


texas tech beat w virginia

we’re basically getting zero help from any of our non-conference opponents

just keep winning

need to keep pace with Tennessee who won today

If it is to be! it’s up to me!! has always been my motto

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LSU is trash.

At the rate that team is completely falling apart, Arkansas is about to lose its only Q1 win of the season.

Doesn’t hurt my feelings. We don’t need LSU’s help. We keep winning, and we’ll be fine. I hope LSU loses by 30.

Actually we do need LSU’s help. What happens when you lose to Vandy at home.

The Vandy loss is about to be Q2, which makes it a lot better.

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Not if we keep winning. Auburn and Kentucky have to come to us. I like our chances.

Need as many Q1 wins as possible. Losing LSU as a Q1 win will hurt. Anyway, I don’t want to get into an argument with you over it, so I’m out.

Good nite. Apparently you and Baked don’t think we can win the rest of our home games. I do. So many quad 1 wins available to us. It might even be a feast for the Hogs…
Don’t worry, be happy. Go Hogs!

Just win baby

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