Auburn vs Arkansas


In observing Auburn’s contest vs Kentucky & Georgia This was absolutely a mirror image of Arkansas 2018 - 2020 Offensive schemes but with 4 & 5 star talent at the skill positions. Bo Nix is a Run/Pass threat with TE average speed.

Auburn hasn’t rushed for 100 yards in either of its first 2 games (Kentucky/Georgia) and is breaking in 4 new starters on the line and will go empty backfield on 3rd and long situations.

Again Auburn has the elite Star players at the Offensive skill positions (RB/WR) Fortunately their still adapting to their new Offensive Schemes.

Chad Morris has Nix moving laterly even when their was a clean pocket to throw the ball.

BEWARE OF THE POOCH PUNT by Bo Nix on 4th down.


If you can defend the pass you have a very good chance of pulling off a upset. Auburn has a good run defense but Kentucky & Georgia had some success running the ball but pass coverage may be their achilles heel.

The only Defensive Coordinator I’ve seen blitz as much asBo Peneli does at LSU is Auburn’s Kevin Steele.

Again Auburn lost their elite LB’s from last season and the DB’s & Safety have been exploited the past 2 games.


Auburn has top 10 talent on Offense & Defense and I would be surprised if Arkansas can come out of Jordan-Hare Stadium with a win because of Bo Knix decision making. He will be the best QB we’ve faced in this early season.

Auburn 28
Arkansas 24

The above score could flip if Arkansas has success running the ball.

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