Auburn visit list

I’m sure I’ve forgotten one or two for football but the ones off the top of my head.

Football official visitors:

LB Martavius French- Memphis

LB Bryson Eason- Memphis

Ath. Darin Turner- Memphis

CB Dwight McGlothern- Houston

LB Tamarion McDonald- Memphis

S Nick Turner- New Orleans


DE Jashaud Stewart- Jonesboro

OL Ty’Kieast Crawford- Carthage, Texas

Ath. Kelvontay Dixon- Carthage, Texas

2021 LB Jai Jones- Dallas

2021 Jalen Jones- Dallas

2021 WR Bryce Stephens- Oklahoma City

2021 CB Keaun Parker- Tulsa Washington

2020 Jaydon Jacks- Carthage, Texas

2021 ath Nick Martin- Pleasant Grove

2021 RB Damian Henderson- Liberty Eylau, 10.5 100

2022 Keyvuntae Featherson-Liberty Eylau

2020 RB Isaiah Jacobs will visit if he doesn’t go see his brother.

2021 DL Torey Phillips-Pleasant Grove

2021 TE Errington McRae-Springdale Har-Ber

Hoop official visits:

Moses Moody

Khalen Robinson

Unofficial visits:

2021 Jaxson Robinson

Bump. Trying to pinned it.

I thought French was an unofficial, just coming when Eason comes.

Official as far as I know. He hasn’t taken an OV to Arkansas.

I had read elsewhere that he was waiting until Dec for his official.

Will have to check but it was my thinking he was OVing for the Aub. game.

Added Darin Turner to the list.

French and Eason both are taking their official for Auburn game. The Auburn game is the first time Arkansas has brought in anyone for an OV in this recruiting cycle.

Added safety Nick Turner to the OV list. Jashaud Stewart will make an unofficial.

I don’t think its a good idea to have recruits in while playing Mr. Gus. Mostly our 4 stars.

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