Auburn @ UK

In the first 14 minutes Auburn has one 3pt bucket at Kentucky. Didn’t they have 10 in the first half against us?? I think the Cats are 7/11 on threes at this point.

amazing what good ole fashioned man to man defense will do for you huh!

Yeah, it should be a fun time at Rupp Arena Tuesday. KY’s up 31 on Auburn, while Auburn beat us by 23. Let’s see - about 100-50? Geez, I hope not.

A little defense helps. It’s also nice to see what a NBA G League team looks like. They have one of the best teams money can buy at Kentucky.
If we stay within 40 I’ll be suprised.
Auburn and Pearl didn’t spend enough on players to compete with Kentucky.

I said in a post earlier this week that UK can name the score against the Hogs and I will be be shocked if we play them within 20 points at Rupp.
They are clicking on all cylinders for the most part while our Hogs are stuck in the mud so to speak at this point in the season.
This mid-week game will be ugly just as was the Auburn game.

Go Hogs!