Auburn, the only SEC team I'm rooting against.

I pull for every SEC team in bowl games except Auburn. Anyone else?

Auburn and Bama. And usually Ole Miss, but didn’t have to worry about them this year.

I’m assuming that’s because Auburn is known as a bunch of cheaters. And they have been sanctioned a few times.

Oklahoma is historically one of the dirtiest programs ever. From Bud Wilkinson to the present.

Without cheating OU would be another Okie St. Decent at times but no real national media following and little recognition. Much like Arkansas is now.

I can’t stand Malzahn. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We saw it here in Jonesboro while he was at Astate. He played the Ronnie Floyd card at any chance in NWA to get his name in the hat. I am pulling against Bama as well as AU, Tenn, A&M in bowl games. Bama developed their image and value from cheating way before OU started with Wilkinson.

I pull for every SEC team against non conference opponents. Especially during the Bowl games because I believe that the overall National opinion of the SEC does help recruiting with a trickle down to our Hogs. As far as the cheaters, that’s on them. One of the things that I do respect about CBB is his announced vision of a clean program both on and off the field as well as the academic side of the program. I was very disappointed in the conduct of the two players before and during the Bowl game and I am sure that CBB and his staff were livid, at least I hope so. I expect CBB to make some changes for the better within the next couple of weeks to address the myriad of weaknesses within the program, a target rich environment in my opinion. Wishing all of my fellow posters a great 2017, I’m thinking 10-2, but what do I know.

I found myself wanting Oklahoma to win and that is difficult for me. For sure, I didn’t want Auburn to win. So it wasn’t so much that I was pulling for Oklahoma, that I was pulling against Auburn.

I felt like I was watching mobilehoma vs the teasippers. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow both.

Now, Marty, you talking good stuff there.

Wilkinson’s stuff started in the 40’s, Bama’s, from what I know, started when Bear showed up there in the late 50’s. But you may be correct. I certainly don’t have definitive starting dates for either.

Don Hutson was one of the early Arkansas players that played for Alabama and he was on the same 1930’s era teams with Bear Bryant also from Arkansas. Bama was really good at cheating from the 40’s on and some say they paid Hutson handsomely too.

I am solid SEC against outsiders. I think it helps us in the long run. I admit I have trouble rooting for UK in the NCAAT but i usually manage.

My version of that is the selective meteor strike. Just a small one, about the size of a football field. Like some year at the Iron Bowl.

That sounds good, but I would take the game that I mentioned first, followed closely by war eagles vs. the rebel bears.

I don’t always get along with my sister. However, if she got in a fight with a nun, that nun would have to whup both of us.

I can’t understand all this hate! :lol:

Sooners preseason top 5 I’m sure! Southern Cal too! :lol: :lol:

Any team on the SEC West side I can’t root for unless they are playing a real devil like Texass or Notre Dame. I get the SEC “pride” thing, but believe their wins benefit them in recruiting and virtually nothing for us. Bama winning another NC under Saban isn’t going to get us a recruit, but it will allow them to steal one we both want. I don’t think anyone on this board wants Kentucky to win another basketball NC, but if you believe the SEC winning helps us in football it would apply to any sport.

Yeah. Selective meteor strike in Dallas the second weekend of October would work too.

I root against all SEC teams except for the Hogs. IMO, it does absolutely no good for the Hogs if the other schools in the SEC win.

When one boat in the SEC rises, they all rise!

I usually pull for Alabama, mainly out of the beautiful imaginative thought of what it would be like to be a fan of an elite football program. Maybe one day!