Auburn talking to Dabo?

That seems to be the hot rumor. Numerous reports circulating today, including this one.

I don’t see Dabo jumping out of the skillet into the fire, but you never know these days. I really thought Auburn would go after Fickell who has done more with less, also I wouldn’t throw huge money at a head coach if the last letter of their first name is “O” , just saying. WPS

If I remember, Dabo played at Alabama, so there is a connection with the state at least. He may still think the Bama job will be his if he wants it if and when Saban retires, dies or goes back to his home planet. Maybe he does not want to wait it out.

If it matters to him, the path to the playoffs are probably easier the next two years at Clemson than Auburn, and will be a whole lot easier under the new format, where a one loss Clemson team would always get in and a two loss team would have a decent chance.

Yeah I saw that one. So many names now, so many rumors.

I like this one. :sunglasses: