Auburn stadium infrastructure

… apparently is the pits. (We remember the stuck elevator.) Listening to Phil, Rick, and Geno was enlightening. They said that before the game ever started, everyone was aware that getting post-game interviews was going to be a problem. It didn’t happen.

After their discussion they said that the post-game interview would normally have been brought to you by Petit Jean. Rick said, get yourself a ham sandwich and send the bill to Auburn.


Rick was saltier than Petite Jean ham.

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It is not a good setup.

Matt is being kind. It sucks. They have the worst press box in the SEC and not a real interview room. I don’t miss the trips to Auburn.


@Baumbastic_Hawg I still fume over the elevator deal. Ugh…

The broadcast booth for Chuck and Quinn was positioned where they could hardly call the game. They remarked about it the entire game.

Auburn moved the press box to one of the end zones about four years ago. Chuck talked about it a little bit earlier this week. He essentially has to look at the TV broadcast to see the yard lines.

You cannot call a game well from a position that is not on the sideline. Depth perception is key.

It would be better if it was in the end zone. It’s in the corner of the upper deck. There is no video board in view. It sucks.

Clearly intentional

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