Auburn Should Hire?

  • Lane Kiffin
  • Hugh Freeze
  • Matt Rhule
  • Barry Lunney Jr.

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Marc Curles.


I asked an Auburn man who would be his home run hire. He had no answer. This was someone really connected and with great knowledge of the situation and the history of the program. Forty years worth.

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The power brokers will influence who is hired. The New AD will have to either go with their decision or face the same fate as Greene. That’s my opinion. Whoever they hire they will become restless as quick as that coach gets beat my Bama.

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Is neon D. Sanders already out of the picture in your estimation bc I do know they’ve already interviewed with
him too.

Someone will hire him and I believe they won’t regret it. Has the potential to be game changer for the program that hires him.


Auburn is in a tough spot.

No established coach is going to trust the power brokers after what Harsin went through, so they are probably going to have overpay and over-guarantee the contract, That’s probably going to be true even if they settle for a coordinator, an up and comer, or a second chancer.

They still are probably going to get pretty far down their list before they get a “yes”. It’s going to be hard for the new AD to convince candidates that they will be allowed a chance to actually re-build the program.

Knowing Auburn the plan will be “our NIL budget is big enough to buy you a championship level team in two years, so you should have no problem winning big immediately. All you have to do is coach well enough to keep from screwing up what we give you”.

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PrimeTime would be a recruiting coup. Especially power conference schools with deep NIL pockets.

He’s already on the payroll!

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I would NEVER wish that job on Barry Lunney, Jr.


I’m with you. Marty. While I want to see Barry Lunny get a HC job I sure don’t want it to be the toxic pit at Auburn.

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Absolutely not.

Is Lunney even under consideration?

My pick is Chad Morris. Give him another chance. He just had bad luck at Arkansas. That’s who I recommend to Auburn. Give him a long contract with a big buyout.


I totally agree RD and truthfully speaking I’m not over excited about his possibilities within the SEC.
Nothing personal against him but yes he would be a game changer esp. in the recruiting wars.

He would do much better this time around since he’s experienced the college scene now And.
Instead of pedal down full tilt boogie change it to…something more innovative…ummm full tilt boogie pedal down.


No way.

Urban Meyer, they like to spend money :man_shrugging:! WPS

Jeremy, Curles would be taking a paycut from Auburn if they gave him head coach title.