Auburn sends GT home

wow would never expect that! they are on to Super regional :shock:

Those who were surprised at GT getting that number 3 seed are a bit vindicated. However, I’m surprised Auburn won that regional.

SEC teams:
Auburn in super; Hogs, Vandy, OM, Moo U all leading comfortably in regional finals; LSU just took the lead over SoMiss 5-4; Georgia, EOE, Aggies and Wallets are out.

Leghumpers win, advance to the Supers. LSU just dodged tying run on second with one out in the 8th, still leads 6-4. Rebs and Vandy are up big.


I didn’t necessarily think AU would win. Just thought GT was a tad over seeded nationally at 3. I thought they were a borderline national seed. I just didn’t see it as a big miss by D1.

I think the committee did a poor job seating the top 16 overall. And they matched conference teams to face each other in supers on purpose.

Oh I agree with you. I thought they were a good team that should have been somewhere around a 6-9 seed. But even at a 16 seed, I would have expected them to win their regional. Auburn isn’t a bad team, but didn’t think they were as good as GT. (Of course, we know in baseball a whole lot of things can change the outcome of a couple of games.)

Auburn was one of the few teams I wanted to win from the SEC, if you have a Top 20 ranking I want you to go down.

I wanted Ole Miss and LSU to get beat!