Auburn self imposed postseason ban

In the college hoops scandal that resulted in Chuck Person going to jail. Which tells you they know the NCAA has them dead to rights.

I believe he got probation. Few in this are locked up,.

I posted this same story and I can’t find it on here. So I’ll ask my question here. What y’all think the commits will think abt this? Specially the one we were battling for that just committed to Auburn.

They knew about the likelihood of this. My guess is that the benefits of signing with Auburn will outweigh playing in the offseason. Also, Auburn banking on having the NCAA accept their own “self-penalty” in hopes of minimizing the penalty. Given that it is Pearl and Auburn I wouldn’t doubt that’s all they get.

Trey Alexander has already signed with Auburn. And he doesn’t come in till the next season.

Oh ok, didn’t knw he signed.

The self imposed penalty is a joke just like the NCAA

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Self-imposing is always a great move.

However, it would be nice if the NCAA could say, "we agree–you should be banned for the 2020-21 postseason. But, we also think you should be banned for the 2021-22 postseason as well.

I think a minimum of two seasons would at least set a bit of a tone. Pearl will still be able to recruit well enough that they will compete just fine. It might, however, at least shake up the recruiting tree a bit.

Thx for info bud.

The issue Pearl had @ Tenn awhile back probably wouldn’t come into play here although it should bare some type of weight as well. Different situations granted but if anyone should know what the rules are it would be the coach.

Their signing bonus will take care of that!

Person did avoid prison, got two years supervised probation with community service. My bad. A couple of people in this scandal got jail time, but not Chuck.

I think there is a very good chance the NCAA adds some penalties on top of the self imposed. Another year, scholarship losses, etc.

That is a start but now the NCAA should add more.

How does Alabama get 3 years probation, but not lose any scholarships or be banned for post season? Did Auburn jump the gun with this self-imposed ban?

I think they think they’ll skate by with this in a season where they might not have postseason play anyway. That’s what they’re hoping for.

The Bama case involved a staffer accepting bribes to set up a meeting between a player’s father (the player, Collin Sexton, was already on the roster) and a financial adviser, who wanted access to other Bama players as well. Did not result in them getting a recruit they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten, but the adviser did pay for a dinner for Sexton’s dad which got him suspended for one game. The staffer got a show-cause penalty, meaning essentially no NCAA school can hire him for 10 years, or has to jump through a bunch of extra hoops if it does.

Bama got extra penalties because a Bama football staffer lied in 2017 about recruiting violations, showing that they’re not cracking down on their employees to follow the rules.

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