Auburn SEC BB champions

Bruce Pearl has a championship in 4 years with 8 scholarship players in the latter part of the season. Arkansas…When will it be our time? Congrats to Auburn.

With the money these schools are stacking up, it’s really affordable now.

Yes, Pearl is a tainted coach, but he went from almost last place last year to a championship this year.

When it’s all said and done he my be unemployed after this season! He is a dirt bag. I just wonder what will happen with all of vacated wins!

Granted, it may happen. Miller still is coaching at Arizona despite FBI probe and tapes. NCAA investigation may go no where…like many of its investigations.

In year 4 we finished second, and UK had one of the more talented teams in NCAA history. Nobody in the entire country is close to being as good as that UK team this season.

we’ll always have that glorious year.

Yes we will.

Ignore the FBI. They are more political than the NCAA and we all know how political the NCAA is.

I don’t get what makes NCAA a political organization. I also don’t get what makes FBI a political organization. What political party do they belong to?

It is funny to me how Hog fans justify or rationalize the lack of winning. The “well, at least we don’t cheat.” Come on. We cheat. Everyone cheats. Just stop it. Auburn wins in football. Auburn wins in basketball. Arkansas just exists.

I agree with the original poster. Mike has had a long time to win something and hasn’t. At some point we have to ask whether he can win something. The bottom line needs to count.

All I ask for is a Sweet 16 every so often and an occasional run beyond that. Mike is just a pretty good coach. I have little confidence he can win to meet my expectations. I don’t think my expectations are unrealistic. I would think most Hog basketball fans would expect this.

Full disclosure: I said the Hogs wouldn’t make the tournament this year and they did. I was wrong. Sure hope I’m wrong about the Sweet 16. But I just don’t see it under Mike.

And I said this earlier, this time of year it’s about matchups. I used Shelby Mast’s Bracket from Friday as an example. He had us playing St Bonaventure in the round of 64 and Wichita St in the round of 32. We would beat both those teams on a neutral court. Now, after that would have been Purdue and Kansas, I’m not sure we’d beat either of them, but the Sweet 16 would have worked out. The Bracket projections change daily, I saw one where we played Texas first round (I don’t like that match up) and UNC in the round of 32. I’m pretty sure with that draw we’d be lucky to win the first game.

Edit: I’d love Palm’s projection from today. We get Providence in the first round and Texas Tech in the second. I want to play Texas Tech just so the Chris Beard loving trolls on here would have to eat crow.

Pearl is dirty and that appears to not be any secret.

Auburn repeatedly shows it doesn’t care about potential infractions in football or basketball.

Does the NCAA or FBI?

I hope they show the game must be fair or potential criminals like Pearl will walk they way they have before. The Assistant fired reported directly to Pearl. No link to the head coach. Right.

Because so many bigs are caught in this and NCAA member institutions will not jeopardize ratings and huge advertising dollars by making major programs sit out the tourney or chunks of season, nothing of major note will happen.

NCAA is controlled by member insitutions and group think by the bigs - who ensure advertising money for all.

Advertisers won’t pay for Texas state vs UAPB instead of North Carolina v UCLA.

That’s among the reasons you won’t see some of these programs get the death penalty or fire these head coaches who clearly are dirty.