Auburn’s next coach

I would not be surprised if Bobby Petrino gets an interview. Maybe Hugh Freeze. It would seem right if Auburn actually interviews Petrino before they fire Harsin.

Of course they have already interviewed Petrino once.


…tongue firmly planted in cheek.

I really liked Petrino as our coach, number 3 in my book after Broyles and Holtz.

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Perhaps someone should look back and see if the school plane had made a stop in Springfield the day before the Birmingham Bowl…deja vu all over again as Yogi would say.

But if they think Harsin was tough on players and staff, BP would take it up another few notches.

Maybe if they want to revisit old Auburn coaching hire trends, they should go after Kiffen.

Liked is certainly not a word I would ever use when describing CBP.

Great offensive coach.

Good head coach

Bad, well…


I would, and I did. He’s a great coach. Perhaps, I’m a bit more forgiving about folk’s foibles. To win like he did at Arkansas…it was near genius…after the idiocy of the prior decade. I was as juiced about AR football during his years as I was when the Hogs won the Orange Bowl. You can dislike the person if you want, but you can’t blackout his accomplishments on the Hill.

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He was a great results coach. From friends that played for him? Well they don’t keep in touch.

I think he would’ve bailed at the end of that year as a lack of talent was about to rear its head and all of his stuff that occurred both times at Louisville would’ve happened here.

What did Harasin do??

Pike1205, it sure seems that his results were likely to have been going down and probably at a fast pace. His abrasive manner in dealing with people was beginning to show signs of failure, and that is regardless of his degenerate character.

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Yep. I think that’s fair. I guess I just loved his show…and the improvement and wins.

Lost a bunch of players, lost both coordinators, hired a new DC who quit within three weeks to “spend time with his family”. Players are saying he treats them like dogs. Oh yeah, and rumors of an affair.

It’s also probably true that no one would care about that if Auburn hadn’t finished with a losing record in 2021, or if they hadn’t let Bama drive 97 yards in the last minute and a half to force overtime and then win. But he did. You can be an adulterous sphincter, but you can’t go 6-7.



I think it was the QB coach who quit a few weeks after being hired. But mostly he finished the year on a losing streak.

You’re right it was the QB coach.

And while we’re on the subject of coordinators in the Heart of Dixie, Bama’s DC was arrested on DUI the other night.,

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I know Austin Davis,went to USM and he’s a Great guy and not the type person to up and leave w/o a valid reason to,probably knows the “rest of the story” and knew something bad was about to happen


ok thanks,it was the affair that I think I was wanting to know was true,if you have ever seen his wife!! dude must be CRAZY to cheat on her!!


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Billy, everything others have said (answering what did he do). But credible reports say he was not the coach several high profile “boosters” wanted in the first place. The sharks are circling.

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I always thought he would be a hard guy to play for judging by what I had seen of him in games…yeah won’t be long now

20 players have left the program since he was hired and not just 2nd team members.