Auburn received the most prep time

Didn’t CBB state last week that the way the schedule worked out, the razorbacks were able to put in the most prep time against Auburn compared to the other games to date??

One more day. Auburn had two weeks. There is a difference. He also said that a good number of players were not able to practice much last week due to injuries. He said after the game that there were a handful who didn’t practice Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Of course, they don’t practice Thursday now. They practice Friday. So some guys who played got one day. I don’t know who those guys were that did not practice other than to say that I don’t think Jeremy Sprinkle practiced much the last two weeks, due to a sore ankle.

The schedule last week was to give them off on Sunday. Most did come for treatment, but they did not go on the field. That gave them Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday to practice. Thursday is an off day to do soft tissue recovery. Then there is a light practice Friday. So they actually traded Sunday for Monday since there were no classes on Monday and Tuesday because of the open date.