Auburn radio voice Rod Bramblett, wife Paula, die in car accident … 242905001/

Condolences to the Bramblett and Auburn Nation families.

That’s terrible! I feel for their family.

just Horrible!! praying for the family!

Two teenage children I believe, a terrible SEC loss and prayers for all…

Unfortunately, we all understand how they feel in Auburn right now. We’ve felt it here before.

Heartbreaking event. Prayers for his family and all Auburn
fans. Sad cloud covers Auburn like a quietening fog.
Terrible numbing loss.

Sad news. It makes you realize strange things can happen when on the road. Sometimes, you can’t see it coming. Prayers for the family.

First thing I thought of, the late great Bud Campbell and Paul Eells.
Sorry to hear this bad news.

On the same day, another tragic accident in the Sports world, involving Wisconsin assistant basketball coach Howard Moore and his family. Howard’s wife and daughter died. Howard and his son suffered severe injuries, but are expected to recover.

Every time I hear someone say Oh My, or Touchdown Arkansas, I think of hugging Paul for the last time as he got in the car to make the trip back to Little Rock that he would not complete. We were talking behind my truck as we loaded our golf clubs in our vehicles. Paul, as he did so often, gave a hug when he said good bye. He hugged me that day, with both of us covered in sweat from head to toe. It was a sopping wet hug on that 100-degree day. I know that Danny Nutt tried to talk Paul out of driving back that afternoon. I could go on and on about that hug. Sad, sad, sad day for Auburn.