Auburn over Msu 6-5

LSU shut out Georgia so we’re all three 4-0…MSU blew a 5-0 lead

Maybe tomorrow MSU beats Auburn and they both have a loss.
I think next weekend LSU and MSU play! I will check the schedule and post it.

MSU who will throw JT Ginn who was the number one draft choice but decided to come to college he is extremely good mid-90s fastball that sinks and a very good cutter. I like their chances

I hope MSU beats Auburn the next 2 games.
Next weekend matchups in conference play
Bama @ Florida
Georgia @ Kentucky
Auburn @ S Carolina
LSU. @ Miss St
Tenn. @ Vandy
Missouri @ A&M
Ole Miss @ Hogs
The Higs need to take care of their business the next 2 to 3 weeks and build a little separation in the standings.
The suprise out of the early part of conference play is Florida sitting at 1-4!