Auburn message boards

Those folks seem overwhelmingly angry with GM. Most think he is not worth the money and are saying to let him go. I have not seen any suggestions as to who they think they can get that would be an improvement. One guy suggested Lane Kiffin because he would go after Nick and get under Nick’s skin.

I am sorry, but Lane Kiffin for Gus? One is a much more proven commodity.

They love to hate their coach.

If they win, it’s all the coordinators for praise.

If they lose it’s the HCs fault.

They ran chizik out of town 2 years after a national championship.

Their fan base is unlike any other because they hate being in the shadow of Alabama, like they have always been.

CFB deserves Kiffin at AU and Saban at Bama. That would be phenomenal.

Auburn would be a great spot for Kiffin. A lot of teams are probably looking at Kiffin. I suspect FSU, as well.

Don’t know where the 3 bell icon is but Ding,Ding,Ding