Auburn lost to Tennessee tonight

So we’re alone at 10-4 in front of the West. Auburn is actually third, since Moo U beat the Poultry tonight to take second at 9-4. And of course, we have the tiebreaker with the Leghumpers since we swept them.

If we faced UGA’s best pitcher tonight, I like our chances to complete the sweep tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if Moo U sweeps the chickens. However, I’ll also be surprised if Auburn doesn’t come back & beat TN tomorrow.

I like the prospect of having a 1 game cushion heading into Auburn next weekend. It will be hard to win the series down there.

Swine, you crack me up with “leg jumpers”, and “poultry”, etc., since I’m retired Tyson. Good calls. BTW, haven’t heard much on your running exploits lately. Mine are on the shelf as my left leg “collapses” on my runs. Have become one on those bike shorts guys. I do cover a lot more real estate per hour.

Sorry, “leg jumpers”. I tried to correct this and it still changed to leg jumpers. Technology sucks sometimes.

Not running much lately. As in at all. Severe shortage of motivation, too much life going on around it. I keep telling myself I’m going to get back out there, but it never happens…

Just on nicknames of the nicknames, Arkansas references used to be Porkers in the papers. I don’t know when that stopped, but maybe around 1970. In the 60s, all the papers used Porkers. I have not seen it at all of late.

By the way Clay and Swine, there is a memorial for Dick Booth’s wife Saturday the 22nd. at UBC. Should I post the details on this website.

I saw something about that. I think Nate Allen may have mentioned it in a weekend story on WHS. I never got to know Merry but Dick is definitely one of the good guys of this world. But yeah, put up details.

I remember very well when Porkers was once commonly applied to the team. I also remember the Shoats, who went away in the 70s with freshman eligibility. Seems like someone decided Porkers was somehow derogatory so that was officially discouraged.