Auburn keeping Harsin for now

Translation: We have too much egg on our faces to whack him now, as much as our boosters want it. But boy, is his seat scalding.

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This has to hurt recruiting for them, so sad. :joy: :joy:

I won’t link it but the AUFamily forum is hilarious to read right now.

I think this is the best. The caption was Harsin arrives in Destin for SEC Media Day.


It will be interesting to see what the total fall out of this is. On numerous sites there were articles about Harsin having an affair with a staffer he brought from Boise State with photos of the woman. If I was her I would set lose the lawyers on every site that allowed those to be put up and stayed up.

That is why you don’t see stories like that here…until things are verified. Which is why I love this site!

One description of the whole mess I’ve seen, apparently from Auburn sources, is JABA: Just Auburn being Auburn.

There were some hilarious comments on a story on The Athletic on this subject. Such as:

Thank you for becoming a bigger dumpster fire than we are. Sincerely, the University of Texas

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I’d have to think if he was having an affair and there was any proof at all, then Auburn would have had ‘Legal Cause’ to fire him and they wouldn’t have to be thinking up ways to get out from in under his 18M dollar contract.

If they are keeping him then all I can guess is the natives are disgruntled but the admin knows they have to wait for him to slip up and not use a crosswalk when crossing the street. OR… He knows where there are too many skeletons buried and has threatened them if they try to not pay him off. Either one, he is a dead man walking at Auburn in my opine.

I agree that he probably won’t be there this time next year…but that lady had her name and photo dragged through the ringer on national sites. I would say they may be regretting posting those images of her. I am not a lawyer but I would think she would have pretty good case if Auburn didn’t fire him for cause because of an affair.

The affair doesn’t seem to be the hot topic anymore, that story or rumor seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Mixed views by players.

Harsin was at odds with Aub AD over contract issues clarifications or lack of for his assistants. But the AD seems powerless and is in last year of contract without any discussion or intent by Aub brass to extend him.
Could explain mass exodus of assistants. Nothing seems secure there

This story would be a lot more entertaining/interesting if it meant we might actually gain an advantage over the tigers. Having lost 8 of the last 9 games (and yes, I know we really won the 2020 game) while Auburn has basically been on and off self destructing during that period is tough to handle.


“Thank you for becoming a bigger dumpster fire than we are. Sincerely, the University of Texas”

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I would think they have decided to play “old school boss” and make his life miserable. He will not get one thing okayed. He will not have the plane he needs to recruit, or other crap. He will be miserable. Hirings will be questioned and refused.And he will know he needs to take a settlement and tuck his tail and run. He won’t be able to buy peanut butter and jelly, or bread. Nothing will be approved. If he breaks a projector (or monitor), he will be told to tough it through, that there is no money, that Bruce Pearl spent it already with an approving nod. It will be worse than that and his kids will be tormented at school. His wife will not be able to get a manicure. His dealer car will not work or be fixed. The gas card will not work. And, it will get worse, like when he plays golf the cups in the green will be removed and there won’t even be a flag to shoot at…


In the interest of being accurate, here are the actual comments I was referencing:

Dear Auburn,

Thanks again for taking delivery on this burning dumpster. It’s yours to keep now.

Sincerely, Tennessee

And the Texas one:

The University of Texas wants to take this moment to graciously thank the good folks at Auburn for all they have done here.


And all the while Harsin will be mapping out where all the skeletons are hidden, and who the bag men are with phone numbers.

We can only hope he goes 10-2 next year with one of the losses to Arkansas, and the other one NOT to UGA or Bama. Then they’ll have to be miserable with him another year.

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Harsh reminder where we were a couple of years ago and years before.

Whew go Auburn

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A lot of church going happening at Auburn, looking for the next QB they can buy.

Oh he’s gone, he just hasn’t left yet :man_shrugging:. WPS

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Aub probably got no takers for the HC job. Stuck with Harsin for now. Who would want to coach there in that circus. Being undermined and trashed in the media by Aub brass while you’re on vacation.

And then he’ll leave with a huge severance and become the head coach at Rival Ole Miss.

I’d say that’s some really biting sarcasm there. But…
You really can’t make this stuff up.

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It’s interesting how SEC West football is a year to year proposition. Except at Bama, of course.