Auburn is bricking its way out of the Dance

They’ve missed 18 FTs in the second half and trail Cougar High by 11.

Day just keeps getting better and better. Barkley will need large lollipop to ease the pain tonight.

I’m always OK with Aubrun losing. Even to Cougar High.

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Now if Maryland can beat Murder U…

And Penn State is giving the Fallopians all they want and then some.

Aloha Jeff,
That’s hard to comprehend.
UA…Campus of Champions

It was a pretty Bruce Pearl kind of game.

Poor, poor Brucey :blush:

Auburn, sometimes with help of the officials, takes advantage of a physical game to slap and shove their way to an advantage. Houston’s physicality made the Tigers look like a finesse team. Houston and Tennessee would be a real ten rounder.

Agreed. With a side order of nunchaku.

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I guess there won’t be any toilet paper thrown into the Auburn trees, even if they could find a tree.

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