Auburn in the Final Four

They went all in on Pearl (sounds familiar) and it’s paid off, although it may get vacated later. Calipari could tell him about getting Final Four appearances vacated – two of them at two different schools.

Coach Pearl can do two things well…coach and sweat. This Auburn team is smart, very smart. They have two great guards and just beat you with that. That little point guard was so quick and fast…Kentucky had no answer for him. Pearl is a superb coach. I don’t know if he cheats, but I do know he can coach. He took Auburn from a nothing in the SEC to their first Final Four. That is what an outstanding coach can do for a program.

His best attribute as a coach is, he gets out of the way. They practice their system well, and he lets them play. Let it fly young men, let it fly. Cal on the other hand is a maroon.

On February 23, Kentucky beat Auburn by 27 at Lexington. They got it right today when it counted though. Further proof it’s hard to beat a team three times. UK won both regular season meetings.

it is so nice to see how Jared Harper has developed. I recall two years ago, he had so many problems against our trapping defense and had a hard time getting his shot off. Look at him now. A complete PG by any definition.

That was my vision for Justice Hill, before football and Anderson firing. I just don’t know now whether he will play football or basketball or both or what school he will play for and how far he will develop in basketball.

PJ, that is a nice picture if Justice could be a similar player to Harper. I never watch Auburn play, but I did today. Harper was the best player on the floor, no doubt. He just ran the Kentucky fans back into the hills for a drink of moonshine.

If I had to name the 4 biggest blue bloods, it would be in no
particular order.

North Carolina

So far Auburn has beat Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

As far as a path to the final 4, that has to be one of the toughest
I’ve seen in many years.

Hats off to Bruce Pearl and Auburn.

Yeah, Auburn has toughest road to Final 4. What can you say, Auburn’s on an amazing run right now. They could win it all.

Amazing that the school with 11 NCs is not on that list, but it’s what you’ve done for me lately.

I had picked them to beat Kansas, based on what has happened to the Kansas roster.

North Carolina was a surprise. I wonder how much did the flu bug affect three key Kansas starters. They hadn’t practiced for 3 days.

Kentucky was unlike Auburn performance. Never seen them defend like today and they toughed it out without hitting a lot of threes. That was awesome performance , regardless of Kentucky’s talent level being below par.

Reminded of our run in 1994 beating Georgetown, Michigan, Arizona and Duke, four of the elite basketball schools at that time.

We drove back up today against my better judgment…my son wanted to watch the game but I did not want to see Kentucky win…it was a great day…love seeing KY fans going home sad and blue…wrapping up the trip with Jack Stacks BBQ and heading home…Auburn fans represented themselves well here in KC… we can only hope we get back to this level…my son and his two buddies are loving Auburn…the three ball is contagious…

I hate Auburn, but they have put on quite a show.

Yeah Auburn stinks, but Bruce Pearl can really coach the game of basketball. Hate they’re better than Hogs right now though.

Auburn is a green blood. Straight cash homie.

Auburn is in the FF. Duke, Gonzaga and UNC, all in the top 5 most or all of the season, aren’t. Kansas was the preseason #1. Kentucky was #2. All will be at home watching Jared Harper and Danjel Purifoy.

Auburn was preseason #11 in AP. Nevada, Tennessee and Villanova were all ranked above them.

That’s why they play the games.

Highest ranked team in preseason that didn’t even make the Dance? TCU at #20. They’re in the NIT semifinals Tuesday against EOE.

It’s nice to see them beat 2 #1 seeds and both of them from the mighty ACC. The committee gave the ACC 3 #1 seeds and only 1 survived! Maybe they can beat Virgina too!
I hate Kansas so watching them beat Bill Self was funny but Kansas wasn’t very good!
I still have respect for Bruce Pearl! I hope all of his wins are vacated. And he wins it all and the banner comes down!

Did anyone have a flashback to 1994.

Is is This Auburn team is truly about up tempo, pressure defense and the 3 point shot. This style can still win, but TexasTech was just as impressive with their intense, aggressive pressure. The contrast in styles during this tournament has been great to watch. The Final Four will be great.

If Auburn can beat a great defensive team (Virginia), the winner of an even better defensive team (Texas Tech) and a tough team that can score and play good defense (Michigan State), they will have as good a run as any other team ever.

Congratulations to coach Pearl and his team for his run so far. Hope the SEC can win another title. WPS

So far, Auburn has beaten Kansas, N Carolina, and now Kentucky

If Auburn beat Virginia and then take out Mich St/Texas Tech winner in nat’l champ, one could argue it’d be greatest 6-game run to title ever.