Auburn @ Hogs

Well it almost time for tip off! I’m ready to enjoy the game. I hope our hogs come out hot on offense and suffocate Auburn on the defensive end.

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Read where the whole Auburn team met at the mid court and started dancing on the Hog logo… Might not be too good an idea LOL.
We might see a few Chiclets on the floor before this one’s over with… just my kind of game!


That will get the crowd ticked off quick! That’s good for our hogs.

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We have a 52-50 record with the refs that are calling tonight’s game…22-18 with Ted Valentine

God, I hate Auburn! Let’s go Hogs! Beat that a$$!


Need to come out very focused not overhyped, let your defense be your offense these first five or six minutes get a good lead.

Can’t start 16-1 in way of Auburn…

Just showed Auburn dancing on our Hog…

Come on JD that’s emotion on that air ball settle down

JD shot does not look good right now.
Get others involved

Hate that quick foul on J Will

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Yeah he can’t get another one in this half

I hope the hogs settle down.
Maybe Kessler makes a coupe of 3’s but leaving him open must be the game plan.

Missing too many shots early…they need to start dropping for us to have a chance.

I’d rather than shoot from there then get ally oop dunks

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Gotta get those nerves gone in a hurry.

We are playing tight

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Flanigan is the designated bad guy tonight. He’s getting quite the reception.

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I kind of figured we might that’s understandable …first time we’ve had this big of challenge all year

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We are playing into their hands. Pass around the perimeter, take a 3.

We wilk not win shooting 3s