Auburn has the #53 ranked Rush Defense in D-1

Georgia has the #3 Rush Defense in the nation.

Mississippi State has the #6 Rush Defense in the nation.

Alabama #14


Arkansas #20

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Auburn’s DL is nowhere near to what we have seen the last couple of years, they can be blocked,our o-line is very aggressive and persistent they don’t quit blocking,this is a game who makes the least mistakes on a very wet field will win the game… we have to not let their two great receivers have big plays and I think we will be fine.

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Both have played Arkansas…we lead the nation in worst yards per carry.

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The chicken or the egg??

Are Georgia and State’s run defenses near the top in the nation because they have both played a weak offense in half of their games (as you seem to suggest), or is Arkansas’s rushing offense near the bottom because we have played 2 great rush defenses? Probably too soon to tell.

But… if Boyd stays healthy, I expect our rushing stats to move more to the middle of the pack.

As the first 2 weeks have indicated, drawing conclusions with limited data can be very faulty. (Some proclaimed Costello the next Joe Burrow while others gave Arkansas’ defense minimal credit against UGA).

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