Auburn has openend up a can on NC in the 1st in 11 runs

and still batting!! going to Omaha unless somethin crazy happens!! hard to believe! NC starter walked the 1st 4 and then Auburn starting hitting absolute recipe for disaster!

Bad things happen when you don’t throw strikes!

As we found out yesterday, and as Moo U found out earlier in the season when they gave us 17 walks at BWS.

UNC thought they had the momentum after winning yesterday. Uh, no. Momentum goes away when your pitcher can’t hit the strike zone, or can’t miss the other team’s bats.

why Wicklander has to come out and throw strikes without giving them balls they can hit out.the 1st 2 batters should not be thrown a FB to on the 1st pitch b/c they will be all over it back door breaking ball on both of them if I’m calling the pitches.

I’m hoping Wicklander has the crooked pitches working and getting them called for strikes. If that happens it will be a good day. Our hitters need to put the ball in play and swing the bat and avoid taking strike 3 “looking”!

Seen some interesting strikes and balls called in the Supers.

Yesterday in our game it seemed like a 2 way strike zone! It was a strike if Ole Miss threw it and a darn ball when the hogs threw it! Especially inside and up!
There were several 2-0 and 3-0 pitches that Ole Miss threw that were called strikes and they were balls!

So half the field for Omaha will be from the SEC….Auburn will play Miss St, Vandy vs.Louisville, Hogs/Ole Miss get FSU.
The only non-SEC opener is Michigan vs. Texas Tech.

Big 10 1
Big 12 1

Not a big baseball guy, only usually watch if AR makes the tourney, but I’m curious. I’ve seen the exact same spot hit (inside corner) on left handed batters, and (outside corner) on right handed batters. The umps seem to always call ball on the left handers and strikes on the right handers. Is that normal?

I also saw some pitches, that looked to me, like the were right down the middle of the plate and above the knees, yet the upms called ball, then same ump calls a strike on a pitch where the batter barely got out of the way. I wonder if the umps in baseball make sure the team the NCAA wants to win, wins, the way they do in football?

I know there are guys and gals on here who are a lot more knowledgeable about it than I am, wondering what they think.

Edit: Oh and by the way, if you claim to be a baseball fan and like the Cardinals, you’ve never seen a good baseball game (Dudley :smiley: )

Wait, no team from the “Mighty” PAC 12 made it? I thought they were supposed to embarrass everyone else because of their exceptional hitting and pitching?

No if it’s a strike it should be called a strike without regard to a left hand hitter or right hand hitter!


:lol: you beat me to the punch there Baked, mighty UCLA number 1 all year, ousted by the Big 10 unseeded Wolverines.

Oh, I don’t disagree that it should be, but it’s not

When the regionals were first mentioned, I looked up who we had the potential to play in Omaha. Most experts were talking about what a great team UCLA was, and they wouldn’t be shocked if the other PAC 12 teams made it because of their “difficult” schedules. One “expert” even said the SEC was overhyped and getting too much love. Wonder what that individual thinks now?

Edit: When I looked up both Vandy and UCLA vs AR (statwise), UCLA had the better team ERA, and Vandy the better BA. AR was 2nd on both sides (between those three teams). To me that meant AR was probably the better overall team.