Auburn has another Assistant coach

In the crosshairs of FBI scandal. The only good thing is right now it stems from fraud he commuted with a recruit at Penn.
We know now Pearl needed a new fail guy when Person got caught and now this one will have to go too!

how does Pearl get away with it?

The older I get the more I wonder if the NCAA isn’t as dirty as dirty coaches and programs.

Lack of NCAA actions seems to speak volumes that the inmates are running the asylum.

Yes they are.

The NCAA is gutless. They have a habit of selective punish that only applies to the smaller schools and won’t touch a blue blood. I don’t understand how Pearl kept his job last year and how in the world a player is able to play for Auburn that got paid. Serve a suspension and play that’s not the way its suppose to work. It sure didn’t work for the Bowen kid out or Michigan!
Pearl is dirty the only people that would a crook like that are just as dirty as he is. Welcome to win at all cost.
The inmates in this system are the coaches and AD’s who keep pushing the envelope. You can mess with the gutless NCAA but messing with the FBI can get you a mugshot and a felony conviction which would make you almost totally unemployable. I don’t think you can recover from that and still coach anywhere.
The NCAA needs to start seeking criminal convictions when rules are violated without needing law enforcement to take action and do their job. This is a direct reflection of the poor management of the greedy NCAA! It been broke for a very long time.

Don’t believe all the NCAA rules are law

I have thought this for a while myself. Major corruption on a grand scale when big money is involved usually has major players from the top down.

I feel for poor Bruce Pearl. He’s really been snake bit when it comes to hiring assistants who won’t follow the rules. I’m sure he’s every bit as disgusted as the rest of us with what has transpired in Auburn basketball recruiting.


Don’t believe all the NCAA rules are law
When the NCAA uncovers this same crime when laws have been broken they need to start handing the cases over to law enforcement. While they aren’t a law enforcement agency they should also do the right ethical thing. Of course their are athletes across this country that has gotten by with everything from rape to robbery and it swept under the rug by campus rent a cops! It all about money!
It’s to a point where either they show they have a moral compass or close their doors.

Wonder if the usual cast of characters at ESPN and the SEC NETWORK will even mention this. Dari? Seth? Paul? Anybody there? Hello!