Auburn has a weird baseball field. Big green monster wall in left ---------------

--------------- that I guess has one bull pen behind it but then there is a chain link fence around the rest of the outfield with the other bullpen in right field. In between the monster wall and the bull pen are some random spectators in lawn chairs sitting right behind the chain link fencing. It feels like a cheap municipal field for casual play. There are a lot of really nice ball parks in the SEC. This is not one of them.

Yeah it’s a strange park for sure… I’ve been there several times

The outfield is quirky, but I think it is a nice ballpark. After it was finished it overtook Baum as Baseball America’s No. 1 college park for a while.

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I thought it was the other way around Matt? It was rated #1 and Baum overtook it

That is my biggest gripe. A half dozen dudes in lawn chairs scattered along the outside of the transparent outfield fence is a low rent look to me.

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