Auburn game thread

Great weather in Fayetteville today. Overcast and mid-70s.

I am hearing differing statements on where Ragnow will play today. Any news? I guess we will find out. I was hoping last week’s line was the new starting line…

Im digging tonight’s lids!! WPS

What lids?

Anthracite… chrome Hog

They announced Ragnow at right guard. Obviously that doesn’t really mean anything.

Hoping for our Hogs to have a bunches of luck !
Maybe the Oline shows some improvement.

Well, we still suck at football. At least for now.

I think we had 8 or 9 guys on the field on that TD.

Fire that clown.

All I can muster.

Agim on his ass and misses the play. Idiotic.

Great start defense. 3 rush and give up big play on a short pass. Play not to lose Rhodes.

Pathetic defense

3rd and long.

What was that defense doing?

Think it is going to be a long night

Is the basketball team on the sideline? Thought I saw CMA and some players?

I think this helmet would have been better suited for the Jerry Jones themed uniform

Well Kelly can move the ball but field goals won’t win this game. Need TD’s.

Do the chains have to be set before a play starts?

Poor Liddell just got his manhood taken away from him by auburns full back

Love the screen play. Need several of those tonight

Cole looking confident out there so far.

The O line amounts to football malpractice. Shameful.

Bad refs, bad O-Line, too many missed tackles, ugly unis. Long night.