Auburn Game Bourbon Thoughts

Game 1 Arkansas Played UGA for a half and was winning while I was sipping on James E, Pepper Bourbon before being called away and the sipping stopped -

I dont want to jix things but the Bourbon US 'Sam" Grant liked was working well until I turned off the tv - Connection??? Naw - these Razorbacks are doing it on their own

Game 2: was Old Crow Bourbon (The Paspt Blue Ribbon of Bourbons) in honor of the Blue Collar stoutness of Mississippi State
Well lots of folks had to cook a Crow and eat it too as Arkansas won thst game and I’m sure it was better with Old Crow Bourbon washing the chunky bird down

Game 3: Auburn what now?

May I recommend “Eagle Rare” Small BAtch Bourbon, Much like Auburn - its not the finnest in its home state but a quality whisky that has deep roots in the Buffalo Trace distillary - much like Auburn may not be Bama level good - but it is fine and not an embarrassment to the home state

A review of Eagle rare fgoes likethis (from people with a finner palate than mine)

"This bourbon is simplistically sweet without a ton of depth. with notes of honey, toasted brown sugar, new oak, and light traces of white pepper are all present. While not deep, it’s very tasty and even a non-bourbon drinker should find it enjoyable.

The finish continues to be sweet with niotes of, toffee, and honey. Light traces of vanilla finish. "

Very fitting for we know Auburn lacks depth in lots of areas from Character to OL so this lack of depth but general quality Bourbon fits

So I recomend you serve thisone for the game on the rocks or a splash of water - add Chocolate DArk or Milk to nibble on and it will enhance the quality of the drink -

“So get in the left lane Cheer the Razorbacks ON and watch the Hog Defense Hammer Down” On Auburn

At least thats my Hope that this drink is with Chocolate to Celibrate and not Neat for Medication

Go Hogs GO!

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Eagle rare is a good one. And, while I drink fine bourbon’s, I also think there’s a place on my shelf for Old Crow. Everything has it’s purpose.


I’m going with Angels Envy Rye. If that fails it’s back to Buffalo Trace for Ole Miss

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Thinking of Bluegrass…cheers

24 Hours Old

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Just got home from Ohio


Come on Hogs

Getting the Janes E. Pepper out

Cheers brother daboar

Whatever you had in mind to drink originally, I’d double it. We are going to get our butts kicked.

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I’m seeing it now - dang!

Come on Hogs turn this around

Ok move the ball hogs!!!

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