Auburn FB game and this.

I cannot remember two more embarrassing games in basketball and football in the same school year. I’m talking this game and the football loss against Auburn. Games where no defense at all was played, and the players really sort of gave up. I guess the Auburn game might’ve been worse because it’s only one out of 12 and our football program probably has a higher profile than basketball. Regardless, Jeff Long better get a handle on this. This AD, and players and coaches are given many resources to succeed, and we see this. Ridiculous.

Well, since you said it, I guess you know what is ridiculous. This post falls into that category.

Well, then you go ahead and keep enjoying this stellar athletic program. Glad you are able to tolerate this

I Agree…

That this thread is ridiculous.

Just out of curiosity what is Jeff Long suppose to say to Mike Anderson after tonight? I really want to hear this. Is he suppose to say how dare your team have a bad night after winning 4 straight games.

I just really want to hear you how you would go about disciplining a coach that is 16-5 with a 29 RPI and projected by every single expert to be in the tournament.

Jeff Long wont even sit through games to the end if we aren’t winning. Wth is he going to say? The guy who tucks tail and runs from the fans in every loss is going to help a veteran coach that has won championships and resurrected multiple programs from dumpster fire status? Cmon man.

This team is likely not going to be in the tournament. How can you honestly think it is? Maybe a very remote chance, but really unlikely in my opinion. The week schedule and losses like this are the killer. And I see more bad losses ahead. If Mike does not make the tournament this season, then shouldn’t Long take a hard look at getting rid of him? How can he not? One tournament in what, five years? Come on. Sometimes you have to look at things from the bigger picture.

This is season six

Knew this was coming and most likely from you, since you are obviously the “voice of reason” and since there is no real point in engaging in dialogue with you, my only comment is that for you, you showed tremendous self restraint, you cooled off for two hours before rallying your band of barn burners and witch hunters.

What a drama queen you are. Barn burners and witch hunters? I’m posting on a message board, you know. Nothing more, nothing less. Get over it.

Because every single expert that does this for a living currently has us in their bracket? Because our RPI is currently 29? Because no razorback team that has ever started 16-4 has missed the tournament?

There’s a ton more reasons that one would think this team will make the tournament than they won’t. Now, if you want to go on thinking they won’t, that’s your decision, they may completely blow the rest of the season and not make it, but just because you are holding out hope for that, doesn’t mean the rest of fans, the athletic director, the board of trustees, and whoever else you want to complain to has to agree with it.

You seem to be the person overreacting and sounding ridiculous. Several posters have called you out on it in this thread as well as others. To go around saying an AD needs to “get a handle” on a coach that’s currently 16-5 is beyond ridiculous.

They might not make the tournament. But, as of right now, by any metric and per every expert, they are solidly projected to be in at this point.

To say right now that they probably won’t be in is just basically trolling. They are highly likely to end up with 22-25 wins, good metrics and a 4-5 slot in what is now showing to be a solid SEC.

Although I disagree, I can understand if people don’t want MA to be the HC or if they are disappointed with where the program is at this point.

But, looking at what they’ve done so far this season and what they have left on the schedule and saying they probably won’t make the Ncaat is either trolling or showing willfull ignorance regarding college basketball and the Ncaat selection process.

So you honestly think I cannot look at this game and the Mississippi State game, and at all of the ridiculous defensive lapses by this team, and think that this team will not make the NCAA tournament? Really? I happen to think it won’t make it. I could well be wrong, but it’s not a specious position to take. I’m fine with everybody being optimistic, but at some point objectivity needs to take hold. I do hope you optimists are right.

Look, I don’t want to fire a Mike just fire him. But I don’t think this basketball program is going in the right direction.

Neither is football, but I’m not going to open up that again.


Why do you think that Arkansas can’t do better than being totally embarrassed by Minnesota and Oklahoma State?

Please, excuse for me you pathetic worms.

Arkansas was outcoached. By light-years. It is PATHETIC that some of you keep apologizing for this garbage.

deleted --BBH

Fairly humorous, a classic over reactor reacting to someone else’s reaction. As you posted, I’m posting on a message board, nothing more, nothing less.

LOL, we are not being optimistic about anything, we’re looking at the statistics and going off of what the experts say. Again, EVERY SINGLE Analyst/Expert that does this for a living says if the season ended today the hogs will be in the tournament. And you are saying you don’t think they will make it, based of your personal opinion, that’s fine, your welcome to your opinion, but don’t come on here and get your feelings hurt and tell us we need to be objective, when you are the person ignoring all the data presented to you. That makes no sense at all.

That’s like us listening to the news and they tell us it’s a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, then you say you don’t think it will rain based on your personal opinion, and get upset and say we are crazy for packing an umbrella.

Randy, I’ve read a lot of your posts and agree with many. But this analogy is in poor taste. I understand the enabler part, but blaming the spouses for being abused is what most abusive husbands do.

What in the world are you talking about dude? If you want to get in the conversation, cut out the name calling/tough guy bit and actually write an opinion and act like you’ve actually talked to someone before.

His whole post was weird and came out of nowhere. Calling people pathetic worms and talking about abused spouses, who does that.

Maybe you can look at only their losses and evaluate their season on that. It makes no sense, but maybe you can.

What I’m saying is that by EVERY FREAKING OBJECTIVE MEASURE and PER EVERY FREAKING BRACKETOLOGIST, they are projected right now, 2/3rds of the way into the season to be a solid/safe Ncaat bet.

And, despite that, you aren’t just saying they might not make it (which is much easier to defend). You’re saying they probably won’t.

For that to happen, they would probably have to lose 3-4 games they are expected to win.

That’s why saying they probably won’t make it comes across as uninformed.